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New technology of Italian plastic treatment

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Normal > with its distinct advantage has significant position in the whole world. The China International that held in Guangzhou in May is plastic on rubber industry exhibition, provider of Italian plastic device will carry new technology to appear once more. The following we introduce simply will attend exhibit the manufacturer of a few Italy of the meeting recent innovation product. Normal >Here Below We Present A Brief Description Of Some Recent Innovations Of A Number Of Italian Manufacturers Who Will Be Exhibiting At CHINAPLAS 2013.

Heat shapes the factory that experiment Amut company is located in Novara undertook a variety of squeezing give sheet heat to shape with Teldene H03TF polypropylene experiment. Teldene H03TF is Natpet (company of national petrifaction industry) shape technically for heat the polypropylene of application development. Material is used at producing weight in for 3.

The inclined of AMP630 automatic bend of the container of 22 Ml Aqua Cup of 2 G has a test on hot forming machine. This machine deserves to have extruder of an EA100 odd screw, use 35 antrum pattern, produce 80 thousand glasses hourly. Because used configuration of antrum of model of new-style W form, when producing a glass, the flotsam after heat shapes is occupied only 36% . Because its can gift a few kinds of mechanical function,this material applies to this kind of processing technique is end item: Impact resistance can, intensity and diaphaneity. In addition, use shape from heat the material that craft reclaims can be mixed in inferior temperature pressure level make known to lower levels arrives taller squeeze a stability. Www.


It is muti_function the equipment that blow model since January 15, dolci Extrusion company is in all the time recommend an equipment, the film that blow model pushs a system, manufacturing fabric width amounts to the cladding film of 2200mm and contractive film, take thrust augmentation piece (Gussets) contractive bushing, elastic sleeve is in charge of, and the high quality that is used at be being packed automatically to shape with high speed is filmy. Dolci pushs a company the beginning of the year begins to recommend the its new film that blow model to push a system to the market mainly this year. Equipment distributes stock: Successive plan heavy feeder; What top birth rate amounts to 700kg/h is crowded give section of a construction project; Use at ply pilot full automatic cooling annulus (deserve to have miniature electromotor) , tolerancepublic errand is less than) of σ of 2% (2; Take automation system (remote control) new-style tilt drawing carries a department, use at horn to maintain board shape device and face plate; Those who be used at the diameter to amount to 1 meter reel is new-style accept a plane, can change automatically roll, also can be with reel-up of pitching moment motor on the axis. In addition, still take seriously especially reduce specific power consumption. Extruder matchs stock water-cooling to communicate electric machinery, vector driver, red extra thermal resistance and new-style and cooling device, can reduce the energy that interior of annulus of zephyr of cooling film bubble requires considerably. Www.


It touchs those who accuse type to be developed for company of makings system Moretto to be used at plastic for makings system system of central pilot One Wire already put in field 15 years now. To express to celebrate, the company rolled out new-style feeling model, distribute stock 10 inches of color touch screen, use icon to be able to simplify process designing, can control through simple feeling consequently whole for makings system. Moretto is used at plastic for makings system system of central pilot One Wire already put in field 15 years. Nextpage control system is enclosed in to turn in the tower, turn freedom can be installed on the tower directional (water is gentle and perpendicular) electric machinery, can examine on screen through object interface call the police historical record, facilitate thereby undertake equipment is diagnosed. Feeling screen can show the condition that offers makings device and the inspiratory unit in be being sifted individually in the round, operation personnel can be installed or editor set is worth, clear filter and machine canister, reclaim the bead makings of excessive. Standard type date has kind of 3 kinds of installation: On wall, go up with the floor on frame. Www.


Company of Plas Mec of Com improvement mixture performance undertook to the new model of Plasmec TRR Line the technology upgrades will improve in-house component and the performance of mixture device, as a result of the person - machine interface (HMI) simplifies, simplified to clear operation, the operating system provides an user more friendly sex, more intuitionistic, reflected Plas Mec company to optimize product function ceaselessly, enlarge the development direction of product use. Plas Mec company undertook a technology upgrade to Plasmec TRR new-style date. PVC batch mixer also produced significant change in this respect, configured component of new-style batch mixer, be like the transducer of high frequency electric machinery and newest generation, reduced specific power consumption. The company thinks, every component of the system has main effect to optimizing production, the closest performance data also supported this one point of view: Productivity rises 20% , specific power consumption is reduced 15% , applied flexibility rises 50% . Www.


Each TRK/D of company of Sica of system of cam of float of cut of It high accuracy curiums model (in PVC, PP and HDPE ripple are used at cut on tubal product line) system of cut of the cam in can deploying float to be decided automatically. The system can compensate the flexibility that squeezes a moire canal automatically fore-and-aft compress and expand, can dominate final cut niche accurately area requires in place inside. The system is complete mechanical, adjust easily, can vertically undertakes sheet second or double second cut, running the center of groove not only, the place that in a few traditions the system reachs hard (be like moire backbone ministry) also be such. Www.


Com reclaims Tecnova company rolled out the flotsam that decorate a border to be used at reclaiming the Refil TTC system that film pushs an equipment to build edge waste material. Systematic form a complete set is complete, the structure is compact, can answer midwifery to produce the material that on-line material and film coil directly. Flotsam is carried reclaim in the hopper of equipment, speed changes along with the rate that pushs a product line, top speed can be amounted to minutely 100 meters, also can take unit for entering a side to receive, reel-up coils to. Bead expects later by in jamming a product line for expecting fan sends. The productivity of this equipment amounts to horary 40-45 Kg, and can handle PP, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, MDPE and EVA, and main but biology degradation material. Use this system to reclaim directly from filmy product line the flotsam that decorate a border has economic advantage, conduce to the problem that solves waste management and recycle respect. CNC Milling