Accept rice nitrogen changes cutting tool of titanium pottery and porcelain to develop a success

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The national science and technology that manages by institute of material of Hefei industry university tackles key problem major project -- " the TiC fund of modified of accept rice TiN, AlN belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain to make a technology " the appraisal that already passed a country to concern a section, indicating the cutting tool of new-style pottery and porcelain that our country uses accept rice material to develop is formal be born. It is reported, the accept rice TiN that should study the project is developed (nitrogen changes titanium) modified TiC fund belongs to material of pottery and porcelain, used the method that introduces TiN accept rice to refine grain in TiC cermet. Of grain change imperceptibly the intensity that is helpful for improving data, hardness and rupture tenacity, new-style to developing development cutting tool has important sense. Fund of TiC of modified of accept rice TiN belongs to cutting tool of pottery and porcelain to having good mechanical performance, have the product characteristic of hi-tech content and high additional cost. The course uses a proof actually, it machines a domain to be able to replace the hard alloy cutting tool such as YC8, YT15 in cutting, service life can raise double above. CNC Milling