The measurement that is used at assuring BALINIT® coating quality technology

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The test program of standardization can ensure all statement about coating quality are reliable, and from beginning to end can withstand is compared. The test method * that quality assures depends on test condition is passed spherical wear away the experiment decides coating ply measures a technology in this in, use ball of a steel to be in already ground on the base of coating give a globose impress. Measure the impress of generation and use ply of coating of its result computation. Through spherical wear away the Rockwell hardness that the experiment measures coating ply to check adherent force to have routine through Rockwell hardness experiment experiments (DIN 50103) , the meshy coating break that uses optical microscope to analyse impress brim and pare piece. The adherent force of coating is one of 6 conglutinate grade. Law of use Rockwell impress undertakes coating adds exert oneself test to pass microscopical hardness test decides coating hardness uses optical microscope to measure the diagonal in the impress that appoints bear to fall to use solid extrude by the test. It is Mm) and bear F(unit to be calculated for N) according to unit of diagonal length D(coating hardness. Through microscopical hardness test decides coating hardness CNC Milling