Cerbide gets together brilliant material of hard alloy cutting tool

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Pass the research that is as long as 6 years and development, cerbide company rolled out a kind of trade name to be " Cerbide " get together brilliant hard alloy material. Differ with the traditional hard metal that uses cobalt or other bond to be together WC grain felt, get together brilliant hard alloy (PWC) do not use bond, however the simple substance material of a kind of pure hard alloy. The melting point of the bond such as cobalt is inferior, can reduce the hardness of hard alloy and wearability, it is the link with the weakest data of traditional hard alloy. Because Cerbide gets together,brilliant does not contain bond in hard alloy, accordingly its hardness rises substantially, can be as high as 2400HV according to saying (95.

5HRA) , wearability also rises than traditional hard alloy a lot of times. But on the other hand, because do not contain the bond that can strengthen material tenacity, make the brittleness of Cerbide rises somewhat, tenacity drops somewhat, accordingly it is not suit to process all workpiece data. When should be being suited by treatment workpiece material and treatment craft (be like alloy of titanium of high speed cutting) , the hot rigid with good below cutting high temperature Cerbide makes its show admirable cutting performance. The hot rigid of traditional hard alloy can drop considerably when high temperature, and the hot rigid of Cerbide can keep basically below high temperature changeless however. Because Cerbide itself already had extremely tall hardness, because this suits its coating most,be diamond coating. The surface looks, because Cerbide does not contain cobaltic bond, it seems that matrix will control diamond coating hard (because the cobalt in hard alloy tells regular meeting,be gotten rid of by corrode, be helpful for diamond conglutinate be on hard alloy grain thereby) . But be not actually such. Cerbide matrix controls coating (especially CVD diamond coating) ability excel any already some hard alloy material. Cerbide company ever got together hard alloy cutting tool sends brilliant company of coating of a diamond, observe effect of its surface coating (because do not contain any cobalt among them) . To decide the adhesiveness of coating, technical personnel had ruinous test to coating cutting tool, but cannot damage however the diamond coating on cutting tool. Next, technical personnel tries to have ruinous test to Cerbide matrix itself, but, they can cause the experiment of attaint to be able to have polishing effect to Cerbide surface only to hard alloy razor blade normally. Of course, the cost that diamond coating raised Cerbide cutting tool (its price is cutting tool of common hard alloy about 3 times) . To reduce cost, company of North America Cerbide is cooperating with coating company, develop a kind kind of thicker diamond coating. This kind of coating and diamond coating hardness comparative, but the 25 % that cost is diamond coating only. Should be opposite when the lubricant performance demand of cutting tool is higher, use 2 boron to change titanium coating very effective. This kind of coating can make cutting tool surface very slick. Current, he Lixi knife already commercialized the cutting bit that Cerbide company uses at processing all sorts of workpiece data for goods, will form series name finally. In addition, this company still prepares to enter market of wear-resisting spare parts. CNC Milling