To stride of CAM automation direction

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CAD/CAM software vendor achieved further progress, the data that makes the user aux will be able to of CNC machine tool is promoted anew quite thereby gains more benefit in communication standard, stimulative implementation is true " change without paper " manufacturing environment. Leading to successful key is interface of STEP AP224 standard. The AP224 interface of GibbsCAM can regard AP224 file character and software itself as character management implement the link unit between serves as " the chemical plant that do not have paper " , "Change without paper " the member that mean engineer of products plan division, production and CNC process designing not just must want to use the computer, and do not use blueprint to share manufacturing information, still mean data format to also do not need to be compiled through undertaking artificially again. This that is to say can be far from the project blueprint of electronic edition from now on. Since a few centuries, producing personnel is to pass project blueprint to deliver those who compile information all the time. Because this reduces message as far as possible (no matter be,send through the computer) to the dependence that compiles artificially, such ability are the real progress foreground of the chemical plant that do not have paper. The target of people besides the paper that should cancel to use lumber to fiber squelchs and be become, still must want to cancel the many move before further on the computer processing, include people to must undertake to information intelligent analysis is mixed among them allocate each measure of the definition. In the plant that converts without paper in, "Change without paper " the meaning got the most sufficient reflect, the spare parts production in the chemical plant that do not have paper will be not to have those who seam connective and high automation. Some people imagine the production of its spare parts, be just as use automation line operation, resemble seeing on notebook computer or PC in that way, can copy instantly a data. Produce 3D on the computer " good copy " simple in that way like the file that print or digital photo. Of course, material from get the materials ready move in storehouse move come out to found a spare parts, the letter that should embark on a journey than be being printed on paper far or the lattice that arrange color are complex much. Print the task to finishing fortunately and character, do not have too big correlation with brand of printer of software of use computer brand, word processing or network browser and connective of as other as cable one aspect of the matter. It is OK to need to solve the problem such as necessary join sex, harmonious sex and compatibility appropriately only. But the circumstance in actual production can differ somewhat for certain, not be to major company at least such. Between design personnel and workshop almost each measure is put in a few problems, include data switch, form among them incompatible, lack coordinates the aspect such as the gender, need inevitably to undertake artificial intervention at this moment, and the element that involves certain inaccuracy to decide. Come for years, people makes produce all of computer science department to undertake notting have seaming join in effort all the time, make automation reachs higher level. In fact, the dream that we being had been been close to gradually and realizes the chemical plant that do not have paper. But progress is special all the time and slow, often encounter a lot of setbacks. But a few paces that step ahead for some time recently may conduce to bring a few motive force to implement this one grand tentative plan. In an encouraging progress, vendor of software of a CAD/CAM finished the development job of a kind of new interface, it allows the file format that the CAM that its offer standardizes with to read product data, what the character that includes to be able to be machined in this file format and treatment place need is strict and normative. Company of Gibbs And Associates (the Moorpark area that is located in California) it is supplier of a CAD/CAM, it is in all the time with south orgnaization of authority of Ka Luolai research (South Carolina Research Authority, abbreviate SCRA) cooperates, developed this one interface jointly. The format of product data uses STEP standard to apply agreement 224(namely AP224) has a definition. STEP standard (product model data exchanges a standard) the result that is international standardization effort, through this one standard can decrease to differ and do not match the product data between hardware and software to exchange an obstacle. STEP standard is 20 centuries 80 time establish IGES standard (image exchange is normative) the process is medium and the by-product that expands substantially. STEP standard includes a standardization " production is used " the development of data code and the file format that contented data asks (agreement) development, these requirements are raised by the applied domain of main products plan and production. Among them agreement of an application domain is AP224. AP224 is used technically at supporting the product between design engineering group and manufacturing engineering group to make information deliver. It basically is centered in the production of mechanical spare parts, include to process the information with these spare parts necessary place among them. Dimension of the characteristic that AP224 can take a part, geometry and tolerancepublic errand dimension, material, surface is bright and clean the other part data that spend and requires in treatment. Like agreement of all STEP standard application, AP224 can compile information code, interconnected system of such computer science department are OK and direct compile these code changeover. Encode process does not rely on all of any computer science department. The AP224 interface of GibbsCAM can read these to pass formatted information, found the spare parts character that can machine next, of course these character are as mutual as the character in AP224 file correspondence. The geometrical figure that personnel of NC process designing and process designing software do not need pair of parts undertakes " special processing " , because partial craft will make,its found a machine tool to process instruction and data of cutting tool method. This is what stride to the chemical plant that do not have paper is important one pace, although be in,more challenges still can appear on progressive path. The other condition AP224 of AP224 is a series of application agreement among them, it is manufacturing company place to found according to STEP standard. This " production is used " interface, represented a lot of relevant levels, can satisfy the manufacturing company special need to product model data. As a result of disperse adding workpiece is special key a lot of products to, include military airplane and chariot among them, because this processes the product model data of data to containing,need more attention. The official name of AP224 is: The mechanical product technology that uses fabricating characteristics plans a definition. AP224 is considered as to produce the very important one link in the process, because of the information that its code, produce special key is for the task downstream to finishing, these tasks include craft plan, machine tool to debug, CNC is operated and detect etc. These agreement that use a program want to be carried out further, use at carrying out software to also need to be carried out with therewith. Include the standardization method in STEP to should notice to make sure these AP can be mutual " harmonious " , that is to say, these formats should mutual and compatible, such, the data that AP prepares can be used by other. Because the product produces a course,medium craft and level have at the same time, the phenomenon of jackknife also can appear inside the range that because this is in,AP place includes. In the process that develops AP224, SCRA orgnaization is having very crucial effect. SCRA orgnaization is an orgnaization that is engaged in application studies and commercializing the job. It in Anderson, Charleston and Columbia, Na Jiali Funiya and other area set agency. The business of Readiness And Sustainment Business Unit(of SCRA prepares to support an orgnaization) establish in) of academy of solution of Institute For Solution Generation(, the working group that basically is in charge of developing AP224 provides direct service. This orgnaization founds at first 1991. The standard is in AP224 and other STEP to each military affairses maintain all-american and detect the area is used. These establishment posed a challenge to the trade that offers maintenance spare parts and spare parts, because among them a lot of spare partses are martial equipment need, their useful life needs to continue. To the information of these products, the kind of product model data that can understand with all of computer science department has code, the production that can help these establishment satisfy them challenges a requirement, have taller efficiency and economic character. The AP224 interface of GibbsCAM is to be in " research of martial tank car, development and engineering center " aid financially next development to succeed. The CAD/CAM supplier that has a company with one family property cooperates, achieved two goals instantly: Introduced AP224 interface consumer and domain of production of global business product above all, it reflected the efficiency that come out and economy to get height is evaluated over. Same, it also supplied those companies in catenary to offer business to use CAD/CAM system for the military affairs, in order to satisfy their need, the help balances them to invest mediumly in STEP data. Of course, developing interface technology field, SCRA orgnaization also hopes agog to see other CAD/CAM vendors quite also can the banner pace of Gibbs of prep close behind and Associate company. CAD/CAM supplier is not the only partner that cooperates in respect of concerned STEP project with SCRA orgnaization. As " fundamental format " , AP224 interface has two very important facets to need to let understanding of user of all CNC machine tool, it agrees with the character that handles treatment, and data code just is not used at what go up in the computer to show, apply to the computer to compile however. Mention before no less than, the major activity related to NC process designing meets those who involve pair of fabricating characteristics to admit and be evaluated truly. Not additional specification or directive, the geometrical appearance of the spare parts just uses its face or bulk describes a figure as hypostatic data-in. Be necessary to undertake explanatory to this one appearance, in order to identify this one why each parts of appearance, regard specific spare parts as characteristic delegate, if resemble stage of recess, protruding, aperture, round part,wait. Same, these character must undertake an analysis according to their public errand, because of this among them the most crucial or the most difficult question, still depend on using what kind of treatment after all certainly commonly technology is most proper, use what kind of treatment working procedure is best. Finally, the treatment move that produces these character in the treatment on semifinished product workpiece and need of cutting tool method by NC process designing member have an organization, undertake handling by CAM software. AP224 but with other production data together, take the fabricating characteristics information that contains in model of geometry of concerned spare parts. This standard includes the character of 16 different sort, among them a lot of character still can be divided into a lot of subclass. This is meant, design personnel can use AP224, the name spare parts character and norms " pack " into a whole, turn the data that a computer can understand into the model, send next go out, use at production to make. Again also the compensatory project blueprint that not need reservation needs to convey. After using AP224, all tolerancepublic errand information, material norms, fabricating characteristics information and other and special requirement are defined entirely for STEP data. The definition of these special designs is very comprehensive, and very clear, can use again. The data in AP224 file used the form that a kind of computer can unscramble. This are very important, when discussing AP224 issue, sale vice-president Mr John Callen of Gibbs company ever emphasized saying so: "The information in these files is not simple ground is used at showing, it still has real consumptive value. " the view according to Mr Callen, this is its most crucial distinction. What he explains no less than in that way, indication information is an among them respect only, for example, interact when its and CAM software and need to make decision-making when, do the trends that is helpful for personnel of NC process designing mastering it at any time so. However Mr Callen still expresses to say, consume this one information to mean him to be able to call the software program of an input, occupy the effect with immediate generation to this -- namely a kind of different proposal. This one function opened an entrance door for the automation of function of NC process designing, reducing process designing time and raised respect of process designing efficiency to achieve very good earnings. Achieved goal the view according to Mr Callen, higher CAM automation level and running water turn operation is the goal that place of GibbsCAM AP224 interface should achieve. As start, can say this one interface is the connection bridge between AP224 file characteristic and CAM software characteristic, it knows how to be handled. For example, from the characteristic that absorbs in AP224 file controallable, organization becomes the characteristic entity that uses in GibbsCAM. The character management of GibbsCAM implement the geometrical surface in can keeping apart this one character automatically, such they can serve as a relevant combination to pass, achieve what use in the treatment in software all sorts of operation requirements. For example, can serve as a combination, choose the character of bore diameter, the bore diameter management in passing software next implement undertake machining handling to its. Same, when milling machines recess, can optimize the strategy according to all sorts of distinctive GibbsCAM, choose special recess character, undertake assorted machining handling to its. Use AP224 interface connection, the member that it is NC process designing provided a kind of new method, those who increased software is automatic differentiate with seesaw pattern character function. Use AP224 interface time, make the character of the spare parts was achieved can " differentiate beforehand " degree. Apparent, the character with AP224 file definite place is the character that belongs to geometric respect. In other words, these definitions are used at manufacturing likelihood to process an operation on the machine tool independently. Accordingly, these definitions won't restrict NC process designing such downstream application domain uses a method to theirs. As general muti_function machine tool, this are notable. The machine tool of this one grade can allow very novel technology to apply at violating the characteristic treatment of traditional idea. The other product information that contains in AP224 file also can rely on this interface to read in GibbsCAM software in. This can make this information offers an user to consult, establish program of a CNC at the same time. Mr Callen says: "To personnel of manufacturing engineering technology, AP224 interface is equivalent to purchasing a service one-stoply. Personnel of NC process designing and craft plan division can obtain the complete information that its want from inside a file. " anyhow, the information that AP224 interface makes the product is produced is current be just as flow operation, prevented the incur loss through delay that causes because of the error of product information, unsharpness or ambiguous place. GibbsCAM AP224 interface will get strengthen and distensible further, because this company is mixed,SCRA orgnaization still is continueing to pursue the development of this one technology. These effort scored a heart-stirring gain -- make the execution of all sorts of interface and other STEP application agreement are united in wedlock together, especially those operations that belong to upper reaches and downstream production. For example AP 219 interface and AP 240 interface, solved dimension to examine to plan an issue with craft respectively. In these interface, what have development perspective most is AP238 interface and agreement of application of its STEP NC. STEP NC decided for CNC system independence inputs a standard at the data of the machine tool. The direct input that system of this one AP considered to the concept that uses form of this one file regards CNC as unit, thereby evasive found traditional M code and G code and use the aftertreatment that these traditional patterns need implement problem. Tentative plan of this one treatment already began what what before be close to, mention to arrive from notebook computer of printer without seam the job. Recently, the actuator of AP238 STEP NC already was installed in great quantities. Among them a reason is the Gao Shuiping that built trade designs a system to cannot offer AP238 place to need the product produces information. And the manufacturer with machine tool unit control is not eager to using this one technology. Mr Callen believes firmly, supportive STEP produces the fundamental form in the technology, will make the interest to technology of innovation of comprehensive executive STEP rises final user, establish a strong base for them. The powerful trend of executive STEP standard will be clearer and clearer. He says: "Job shops will see STEP standard place shows the bottom line advantage that come. " the encode that STEP application agreement produces information for the product established a regulation and method, such it can pass advanced CAM software function to undertake computerization to its read and undertake explanatory. The base that by these data communication standard builds works, be like CAM function, aux will be able to makes full use of quite active in producing production group at present analysis technology and treatment major knowledge. Such, their wisdom and reservation of intellectual aux will be able to come down, with developing new product model further, be in soon, make they become the plane of next generation, scientific instrument and medical apparatus and instruments. Although came true finally " the chemical plant that do not have paper " conception, but if treatment is medium involves issue is particularly complex, so it is so easy that the treatment production of the spare parts is clicked impossibly like the mouse forever. But to a lot of today's production companies, doing not have a thing do not need to pay hardships to be able to score a success. CNC Milling