Figuration combines planing tool

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Graph diagram of 1 spare parts pursues 2 figuration knife 1.

Planer tongue piece 2.

Bolt 3.

The penknife is worn 4.

Washerbed down the livestock 5.

Nut 6.

30 graphs of × of M10 of square head bolt 3 watches the horn before angle of 1 planing tool chooses to express material of razor blade of working procedure name (° ) hind horn (° ) blade dip (° ) tool cutting edge angle (° ) rough machining YG8 10 8 of ~ of ~ 13 6 - 10 ~ - 20 45 ~ .

66 ~ 1.

0 30 ~ YG6 0 of 40 semifinishing machining.

3 ~ 0.

5 0.

33 5 ~ 8 break abb to stop oneself implement the precautionary device that is weaving defect, it is the automatic stop that break abb at the same time. Hanger is to stop oneself implement one medium casts a part (see the graph shows) 1 times, material is HT200, fixed position cooperates place surface surface roughness to be Ra6.

3, accuracy class is IT8 ~ 10, use semifinishing machining, surface roughness of other treatment surface is Ra12.

5, accuracy class is IT12, need rough machining only. To machine hanger spare parts, we are tailor-made figuration combines planing tool, introduce as follows now. Planing tool of 1 cutting tool and combination of figuration of planing tool of combination of its installation figuration is to use a common plane to planing tool and the figuration knife that have two where a thing can be put to best use are combined and be become. On the arbor that figuration knife is 45 steel that solder razor blade of two hard alloy in course forge to hit (see the graph is shown 2 times) , and be in arbor center line locally, run the drilling tool into the well two F6.

3 via, next, go out in this position treatment again one narrow groove. Of the whorl outside small end filling in to contain inside the position that leaving face conic annul, and the gasket with M6, nut is suitable, conic sell bad to match when, also can connect the treatment on lathe to come out in general directly, assemble the fine tuning orgnaization of cutting tool, through coming back close or loose nut comes minim adjustment the horizontal distance between two edge, in order to achieve the requirement of treatment dimension. Prepare a common and planar planing tool again, the rough machining that is used at workpiece step face and exterior surface roughness are Ra12.

The plane of 5 is machined. The knife that installation tears open next shaping machine is filled up and approach knife head, wear penknife of similar and common lathe with connection assemble the tongue in planer piece on (like the graph 3 show) , what part to pack figuration knife and planar planing tool in tool carrier again is left and on the right side of. When installation, ask arbor upend is down, two point want figuration knife level. Machine tool of 2 treatment craft is B665 shaping machine, workpiece is HT200, mental allowance is 3mm. Planing tool angle chooses to see a table the mental allowance that 1 cutting dosage chooses to meet a watch is big, the surface is rough should machine with planar planing tool first after approaching size, reoccupy figuration knife semifinishing machining. The face of step of other one aspect of the matter of workpiece also uses this kind of method to machine, it is OK to need to ask by dimension recycle makes knife of a figuration only. Before 3 notes are machined, whether do the figure that should check semifinished product according to blueprint, dimension and mental allowance accord with a requirement, should have on semifinished product when blemish and the mental allowance such as crackle, loose, stoma are inadequate, answer get rid of goes out. When gate holds clip, another end should carry on one on the head to wait for thick mat iron with workpiece width, because place of workpiece outfit clip has rake having a model, answer to fill up cupreous skin in both sides, when adjusting workpiece, should notice workpiece and planer advocate athletic way is parallel. Figuration knife is ground in essence of life hind, mix before still need an engine oil to irrigate abrade on oilstone cutting tool from the back, be worth in order to reduce the exterior surface roughness of planing tool, raise its durability, assure the linearity of point. The arbor when holding a knife is extended shorter better, notice cutting tool cannot tilt at the same time, twist slant, use small angle square or corrective to unoccupied place law of knife example consumed planing tool, make advocate cutting blade level, two deputy slant part is equal. The opens archives to had better be equal to step width average size between the two knives head of figuration knife. Unit of planing tool of combination of figuration of 4 brief summary is structural small, outfit places simple, bulk convenient. Use this device to machine a spare parts, assured the quality of the product already, also raised n to improve manufacturing efficiency thereby, reduced cost, use via actual production, the effect is very good. CNC Milling