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If want to acquire lead position in the plastic treatment industry with intense now competition, in efficiency and field of economic energy resources, the manufacturer must want to provide proper facility. Introduce the model of newest model below, can enhance company competition ability for the manufacturer, save space, the sources of energy, raise efficiency and augment product line to provide reference. Company of efficient Leistritz of extruder of ZSE MAXX series' newest extruder series ZSE MAXX (28-139 Mm) brings the innovation of technology of double screw extruder in many sided. This series extruder came true to accumulate union to be an organic whole in tall torque of lieutenant general of same table machine and Gao Rong first, achieve taller manufacturing efficiency and broader size range of pipe bent thereby. This kind of new-style extruder since since putting in field in March 2005, already work off many 50, moved 100, 000 hours. The rod that Leistritz company uses / hub connection technology is one of its characteristic, through using 3D computational technology, light measures the method such as flexibility and dynamic and fatigue experiment to be mining of technology of this one coupling to give new latent capacity, its dependability is very conspicuous in field. The MAXX series model of Leistritz can be shown in many sided improve treatment efficiency. Famous mother makings produces business to improve special satisfaction to the temperature pilot of ZSE MAXX extruder, what can realize inferior temperature to fall is crowded give birth. The company of world-class is very admiring the flexibility of this series equipment, its can be below limitative cubage and condition of limitative torque craft the job, satisfy the special requirement that operates personnel thereby. Productivity of this series equipment is another when bring tall the energy that main factor is ZSE MAXX extruder is balanced relatively beautiful. Rising as a result of yield is to be based on higher volume, drive power is OK more efficient way is used. The unit energy of equipment is inputted (SEI) range is wider, widened thereby size range of pipe bent. This series equipment offerred a variety of new possibilities for processing technique and efficiency promotion (see a table 1) . Inquire number: 501 efficient detect optimize raw material to use up in plastic treatment process, all sorts of deserted makings often let manufacturer have a headache. Get controlling to make provide the serial production quality of material and tube, sikora rolled out the product of X-RAY 2000 series of innovation, use at diameter, wall thick, eccentricity and ovality are measured and the exploration that the conglomeration in cramming a course and neck shrink. This one technology used Sikora newest X light and laser technology, have the qualitative actor, reliable, characteristic that need not undertake calibration. Use very processor of signal of high-speed number type, remove the influence that oscillatory place brings or environmental effect, can make sure unprecedented accuracy and the data that stabilize for a long time check. After introducing this kind of new model, the waste material that when switching on the mobile phone, creates can be fallen to come lowest, raw material is used up also be able to optimize, at the same time the productivity of product line gets rising significantly. The new product of Sikora, it is to use the indication with friendly user and control interface to show measure data. Choose fittings to be able to offer simple or sophisticated statistic analysis, data to collect with the function that print. Inquire number: 502 efficient ripple are in charge of a technology to reduce small size of material waste and investment cost aborning when plastic ripple is in charge of, regular meeting produces much waste material, cause the manufacturing cost with needless generation thereby. Nextpage produces medium this one inadequacy to eliminate, the world top class ripple that is located in German Hassfurt provides equipment supplier -- UNICOR company rolled out two solutions: The UC15 that uses this firm and UC58 are alterable / production of equipment of vacuum ripple pipe will not have flotsam generation. Use the Vario technology that UNICOR offers, can ensure to any waste material do not produce in producing a course. Use the Vario technology that designs technically, the user can produce the moire pipe of different length according to specific requirement, and need production to transfer no longer canal. This innovation that rolls out by UNICOR group ensures aborning does not produce any waste material, optimized profit of production tubal material thereby. From the point of investment, an UNICOR UC58/70 ECO of particularly absorbing model of moire pipe equipment will put in field this year. ECO UC58 is the company design with those less budgets only, can make high quality ripple is in charge of production to invest cost in the budget that can control next undertaking. The Vario technology of UNICOR allows to shape an annulus catenary and place need pipe length photograph to suit. In standard craft, the generation of flotsam and shape the length of an annulus catenary is concerned; But when if use the UNICOR alterable ripple of cost saving to manage facility,be being produced, these flotsam are negligible. Inquire number: The California austral desiccator of 503LPD vacuum colophony is plastic a project of the company is plastic the factory that note model, beginning to undertake a large-scale is changed, the desiccator of LPD vacuum colophony that replaces groovy desiccative system Maguire company. The state of mind that holding an attempt in the arms uses desiccator of a LPD this company begins, but if if press year of computation,discovering very quickly, energy-saving and OK achieve $28, 000. This occupies in include: Desiccator energy is used up decrease occupy 82% ; Take out the generation in desiccative desiccator compresses air place to require cost; Protect rake-off from the sources of energy of Southern California Edison of company of local power utility. "Although take no account of Edison company to give our discount, the time adduction that also can not be in answers LPD desiccator cost. It is mysterious really. " D of this company president.


(Such Ernie) Rodriguez say, "What what after cancelling to compress air, bring is additional and economic it is an accrual that does not have expect. We uninterrupted job expended the screw compressor of a 25 horsepower many report, but LPD vacuum desiccator needs only a few compress air to come actuate vacuum generator " . Another accrual is manufacturing efficiency and product quality. Rodriguez expresses: "We are horary must dry the polycarbonate that 100 pounds use at moulding lens. After using this desiccator, we had not appeared any flaws. " field of Maguire company and sale deputy total B.

Patrick Smith says, of the flaw decreasing was attributed to LPD desiccator to bring to bear on to colophony shorter heat process. "LPD desiccator besides expend only be equivalent to place of desiccative desiccator system requiring energy 20% outside, heat time also shortens to former dry time 1/6 " . The hot air with convention / desiccative desiccator is compared, LPD desiccator exists to distinguish constitutionally in two respects: (1) hot air / desiccative desiccator is to use in stock bead genteel the hot and dry air that pass will absorb the moisture in makings bead adagio, and the LPD desiccator that obtains patent is the boiling point that uses vacuum to reduce water, thereby apace divides water translate into water vapour, come out the vapor derive in makings bead really. (2) LPD desiccator is in disconnect is to undertake heating mixing at the same time locally vacuum is dry, actually LPD desiccator became intermittent craft change successive technology, and still can keep synchronous with the output with plastic mechanical treatment. Inquire number: 504 efficient and energy-saving completely dynamoelectric case of rich of A of the machine that note model (the Allrounder A type of Arburg) agrees with high speed loop, tall precision, Bao Bi, and the requirement has strict precision to reach but the production treatment task of repeatability component. Modular drive appliance equipment is higher can effect coefficient, your yield is able to rise, the product can reduce component cost, can shorten investment pay back period. Product of Allrounder A series includes 5 currently modular type, include Allrounder 320 A, 370 A, 420 A, 520 A and 570 A. The group of force combining a model of 5 type at 500 with 2000 KN between. All machine functions, include a pattern, close, motion of inject and burden and eject, nozzle and mould function, provide electric transmission entirely. These straight drive are belonged to directional control with fixed position, and but each other undertake operating independently, can shorten thereby cycle time. Direct servo is electric transmission has the front to affect to the precision between pay back period, and overall efficiency can reduce energy to use up again. Synchronism reclaims the union with other mechanical movement, can shorten already cycle time, can improve fuse-element quality again. Inquire number: 505 CNC Milling