CAD axis measures the scale method of the graph

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The axis surveys a plan is reflective object the 2 dimension graph of three-dimensional appearance, it is full of stereo feeling, can help people faster more know product structure clearly. The axis of a spare parts measures scale the graph is finish in 2 dimension plane, relatively three-dimensional graph is more concise and convenient. A hypostatic axis is measured umbriferous only 3 see plane, to facilitate plot, we regard a picture as the line, datum plane that seeks the operation such as the dot these 3 faces, say they measure plane for the axis, according to its position different, call left axis to measure face, right axis to measure face and top axis to measure a range respectively. After measuring mode when activation axis, can part to undertake switch between these 3 faces. If a cuboid surveys a plan in the axis,medium visible edge and horizontal included angle are 30 ° , 90 ° are mixed respectively 120 ° . One, activation axis measures umbriferous mode 1, method one: Tool - - > draft setting, catch and bar case - - > take job model with the style: Wait for an axis to measure catch - - > affirmatory, activation. 2, input below command clew accord with: Snap - - > style: S - - > wait for an axis to measure: I - - > input perpendicular span: 1 - - > activation is finished. 3, the switch method that waits for meridional plane: On ordinal switch of F5 or CTRL E, right, left 3 faces. 2, the picture below umbriferous mode measures in the axis linear 1, the brushwork that inputs coordinate dot: ? With the line of X axis parallel, polar coordinates angle should input 30 ° , be like @50<30. ? With the line of Y axis parallel, polar coordinates angle should input 150 ° , be like @50<150. ? With the line of Z axis parallel, polar coordinates angle should input 90 ° , be like @50<90.

? All lines that do not measure axial parallel with the axis, must find out straight on-line first two are nodded, connect a line next. 2, also can open orthogonal condition to undertake drawing a line. Pursue as follows, can be in in order to pass orthogonality level and perpendicular undertake switch and scale comes out. ▲ example: Condition is measured to fall in activation axis, open orthogonality, a length of scale is the square style intention of 10. 1, activation axis is measured - - > the orthogonality that start, current range is left graph. 2, linear tool - - > calm the a bitth - - > horizontal way 10 - - > perpendicular direction 10 - - > the level returns way 10 - - > C closes, pursue as follows 1. 3, F5: Switch is consummate face - - > appoint the one horn side the top to nod - - > X direction 10 - - > Y direction 10 - - > X direction 10 - - > C closes, if pursue 2. 4, F5: Switch arrives the right side - - > appoint hemline right horn to nod - - > horizontal way 10 - - > up perpendicular direction 10 - - > finish certainly, pursue as follows 3. 3, the substance in locating the axis surveys a plan should measure other of the fixed position in the graph in the axis foregone graph yuan, must open the angle increment in be being tracked automatically and set angle is 30 degrees, such ability begin to be tracked along 30 ° , 90 ° or 150 ° direction from foregone object. 1, if want to going up,the square the right side in the exemple decides a length to be the square of 4, criterion: Take part of left end of the right side - - > X axis direction: 3 - - > perpendicular direction 4 - - > horizontal way 4 - - > flagging straightforward way 4 - - > C closes, pursue as follows 1. 2, if want,in end face scale one diameter is the circle of 4, criterion: F5 switch comes end face - - > elliptical tool - - > wait for an axis to measure a circle: I - - > catch diagonal crossing - - > radius: 2 - - > finish certainly, pursue as follows 2. 4, the axis measures bobbin of parallel of the picture inside the face to measure parallel of the scale inside the face, cannot undertake with OFFSET command directly, because the deflection distance in OFFSET is the vertical distance between two lines, and do not be equal to vertical distance however along the distance between 30 ° direction. Make a fault to avoid to hold, parallel of the picture inside the face is measured in the axis, we use duplicate COPY to command commonly or in OFFSET " T " option; Also can be united in wedlock to be caught automatically, track automatically reach orthogonal condition to come constructive, the direction that can assure a picture to measure an axis with the axis point-blank so is consistent. Following graphs 1 want scale to become a figure 2, graph the style of 3, the means that can use a copy directly namely is finished. 5, the axis that the axis measures round axis to measure umbriferous circle is measured umbriferous it is elliptical, when the circle is located in different axis to measure a range, umbriferous ellipse is long, short axial position is not identical. Operation method: Activation axis measures - - > make choice of paints round umbriferous face - - > elliptical tool - - > wait for an axis to measure a circle: I - - > appoint the centre of a circle - - > appoint radius - - > finish certainly. Attention: The face must be used to change a tool before draw is round, the axis of the planar correspondence that switch goes to to be in with the circle measures a range, such ability use ellipse to look like is the range is measured in the axis inside, will show otherwise incorrect. The round glide that line and space often should draw in the graph is measured to cross in the axis, if pour round wine cup, transfer right now circular arc also must turn into elliptical arc. The method is: In corresponding draw a complete ellipse locally, use the line segment with clip tool redundant annihilate next, like following picture 1 ~ pursues 3: 6, in the axis the text in text is being written to measure a range to use a certain rod in surveying a plan is looked like is the range is measured in this axis inside, the positional characteristic that must measure a range according to each axis tilts the character value of a certain angle, rise with making their exterior and axis measure a graph to coordinate, otherwise stereo sense is not strong. 1, literal banking angle spends a setting: Format - - > literal style - - > banking angle is spent - - > application | Shut. Attention: Best method is to build two banking angle to be mixed for 30 ° respectively - the literal style of 30 ° . 2, the face measures to go up in the axis of each text tilt the rule is: A, the face is measured to go up in left axis, text needs to use - 30 ° banking angle, rotate at the same time - 30 ° horn. B, the face is measured to go up in right axis, text needs to use 30 ° banking angle, 30 ° horn rotates in the meantime. C, in the top the axis measures a face to go up, parallel at X axis, text needs to use - 30 ° banking angle, corner coming back is 30 ° ; Parallel needs to use 30 ° banking angle at Y axis, corner coming back is - 30. Pursue as follows: Attention: The corner coming back of literal banking angle and character is two different ideas, former in bend of water square towards the left (0 ~ - between 90 ° ) or Right deviation (between 90 ° of 0 ~ ) angle, latter is to circle undertake the whirl between 360 ° of 0 ~ for origin with literal start, the axis that is in in the character namely measures face inward turning to turn. 7, tag dimension: Be being looked like to let a certain axis measure the dimension inside the face to tag is the range is measured in this axis in, tilt borderline of dimension line, dimension with respect to need certain angle, in order to make they and corresponding axis measure parallel. In the meantime, tag text to also must be installed tilt the form of some angle, ability uses the exterior of text to have stereo feeling. CNC Milling