CAD designs medium application in valve

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Summary: Article contrast introduces plot of two kinds of CAD to design 2005r4 of software AutoCAD 2000 and CAXA electron drawing board to design medium applied condition in valve, the key explained CAXA electron drawing board is the 2 dimension design that an efficient, convenient, intelligence changes and plot software. Use advanced CAD software adequately, have relevant products plan, can raise valve effectively to design efficiency, shorten the research and development of the product is periodic, reduce manufacturing cost to promote the market of the product competition ability thereby. Keyword: Valve of drawing board of electron of CAD AutoCAD2000 CAXA designs     one, AutoDesk company of   of foreword     is the whole world company of well-known CAD software research and development, pursue the development of CAD software for years, especially 2 dimension design plot respect, autoCAD is the only CAD software on the PC almost. Company of fierce boiler valve uses operating system of mapping of Chinese edition AutoCAD 2000 so and the VALVE of is based on AUTOLISP process designing 2 development software that general and mechanical institute develops to load Hefei will undertake valve is designed. Around is used have 4 years of many time, can satisfy use requirement basically, but efficiency is not tall. 2, look on the idea that station of author of   of   of current situation of AutoCAD software application is devising, really AutoCAD software starts early, plot function is very powerful also, the force that cannot underestimate is had in computer plot domain. But the platform software that AutoCAD is a plot, it for occupational international market, its function covered the field of plot of almost all need, it was not made be aimed at a certain specific industry technically (wait like design of mechanical design, circuit, building design) needs industry function, get mechanical design directly with it, especially valve design is to have certain difficulty and small effect, though valve company bought development software VALVE 2 times, but its operation function natural resources of library of finite, graph is not great, included to join commonly only a type selecting of graph accord with with fastener, more it is to rely on an architect to delimit in the brushstroke in AutoCAD come out its scale, design efficiency so very low. Additional, the parameter such as form of layer of column of frame of the picture when plot, caption, graph, line needs him to install a definition, difficulty is great, and make mistake easily; And return those who need little of year in year out to build graph warehouse oneself, such operations rise namely trival very disadvantageous, bring a barrier to blueprint paper. Another reason is valve the technical communication between the person of the same trade is more frequent, often discuss valve blueprint, because AutoCAD version is numerous, have AutoCAD2000 edition, AutoCAD2002 edition... till the closest now AutoCAD2007 edition, same document shows in different version AUTOCAD content abhorrent, confused even, the technical communication that gives an industry brings serious obstacle, violated project blueprint " complete, correct, unified, clear " principle. And AutoCAD content disorder of giant, interface, master rise difficulty is not little. Now, used the plot software of period of time, feel CAD is being done in the enterprise is a very serious issue, CAD software designs application software unlike other, scarcely can covet is cheap and use pilfer edition, otherwise light affect products plan, can give industry technology innovation, industry communication to bring a barrier again. According to us present use circumstance, from practical set out, autoCAD sex price is compared not tall, price is high, chinese edition 2006 deserve to increase a close dog, one chance, market price 1.

980 thousand yuan. Spent money to cannot bring good economic benefits to the enterprise however, abandon AutoCAD with respect to the decision, seek other additionally 2 dimension plot designs software. Current, software of plot of machinery of on market 2 dimension is very much very miscellaneous, among them utilization rate is higher count CAXA electron drawing board 2005, TH-MCAD of Tsinghua the Milky way, KM opens eye CAD, medium look at the 2D plot software such as CAD. Current plot, draw a linear, circle, no matter be drawing board of AutoCAD, electron, or it is other CAD software it is very much the same, choose a kind of any software to be indifferent to. But our working key is the geometrical logo with simple picture not just after all, what we are engaged in is design of mechanical design, valve, it not only ask our scale is mechanical spare parts, more the relative standard that asks the blueprint that we draw accords with an industry. Not only such, still asking quick, convenient, precise picture gives blueprint just is ultimate goal. Will say choice CAD software from this respect is very important. Electronic drawing board is CAXA of software of seriation of company of northing sea Er software of medium 2 dimension plot, basically be aimed at mechanical industry, building of give attention to two or morethings and electronic industry, at present newest version is 2005r4 of CAXA electron drawing board edition. This software has many 10 installation amount in home. It is nowadays home uses one of the most extensive CAD software. In addition this company still has design of substance of CAXA of three-dimensional design software and craft software CAPP, and inside CAM domain " numerical control car " , " numerical control mill " , " production engineer " the CIMS that waits for complete set (compositive change production system) software. Valve company has used the industry survey of CAXA electron drawing board to seek advice to other, all reflect use plot efficiency tall, moving stability, function powerful, after service is good wait. Additionally ourselves also is designed from valve design, craft, after the respect such as ego demand considers, think CAXA electron drawing board satisfies valve to design a requirement, accord with operation habit of the Chinese, in plot respect and AutoCAD very similar, the function is more all ready, than AutoCAD simplify sth by cutting out the superfluous, OK and rapid control, stress the focal point of mechanical design. The rich parameter that its have converts standard component warehouse (machine tool clamping apparatus, flange, pipe fittings) the relative standard that accords with mechanical industry, use agile, efficient, accurate. Additional on one hand it is compatible / .

Dwg/ .

Dxf/ .

Exb file, such companies are original CAD documentation can be convenient read write. A variety of elements, final the 2005r4 of electronic drawing board that we chose CAXA company edition. 3, the application of CAXA electron drawing board and company antecedents of valve of characteristic     the software that CAXA company organizes grooms, used half day time only, with respect to can skilled operation, software transition is trouble-free, up-to-date have much time of half an year, think CAXA electron drawing board is the software that an efficient, convenient, wisdom converts. 1.

Own copyright learns easily to use     easily to have friendly complete Chinese user interface, the mode of operation that goes to the lavatory neatly. Its devise function and plot measure all is set out from pragmatic point of view, operation measure is succinct, master easily, it is the powerful tool that the user develops creativity thinking adequately. 2.

The standard figure warehouse that parameter converts. The join in valve, structural member is many, involve square respect area, be like (graph 1) be shown in assembling sketch map for a powerful person of power station brake, fastener, weather strip, lubricant, the standard component such as bearing is particularly much, and norms dimension each different, the VALVE of 2 development software that uses so has type selecting of a few kinds of common bolt, nut only, of the consideration not not much, complete, bring a lot of inconvenience to the design, translate manual only without method, cross a level, examine data, return so that him architect draws finally, already trival do not accord with GB again. After using CAXA electron drawing board now, the ginseng of many state level quantifies systematic stock graph library, it covered all types such as mechanical design, electric design. Among them enginery graph library has: Bolt and snail column, nut, bolt, sell, clamping apparatus of pneumatic of key, bedspring, hydraulic pressure, electric, bearing, electric machinery, weather strip, machine tool 20 many kinds big, more than kinds 1000, the standard figure accord with of nearly 30000 norms. Each kinds big are divided into 10 ~ again 20 group, if bolt and snail column are divided into again (like GB27-1988 bore with a reamer of 6 horn head makes aperture use bolt - A, GB/T18230.

2-2000 bolt receives a structure to use big class of C of length of short whorl of bolt of 6 horn head 8.

8 with 10.

9 class) graph 1   in addition this system still offers method of library of drive of graph library management, dimension, custom-built graph to wait for a function, can undertake editing modification to the complex part drawing in graph library or assembly drawing, user not process designing, need to come out graphical scale only, the dimension on mark, after defining dimension, can go to the lavatory to be built quickly, him augment parameter converts graph warehouse. Graph library setting offerred huge to go to the lavatory for the scale of rigid scheme. Graph 2     3.

Pursue a figure that setting     uses AutoCAD plot to have a level so casing, but wait for a function without serial number of caption column, list, spare parts, hand of need technology personnel moves scale, very complex. And the graph in CAXA electron drawing board the setting included above function, the system supports newest state level, pass criterion review of national machinery CAD. Software offers column of the picture frame that accords with international, caption, list, assured to design the total standardization of the process thereby. And can need according to ego define above function oneself, to the architect very large creation space and freedom are spent, very convenient. Function of its spare parts serial number is to invite AutoCAD too inferior to bear comparison more. There is serial number of each lay off only in AutoCAD, come again column of lay off detail, ordinal finally fill in, cannot wrong, revise otherwise rise more complex. But in CAXA electron drawing board that is completely different, after clicking spare parts serial number, undertake editing inputting relevant detail project, can build detail fence (graph 2) etc, it is so when serial number of spare parts of scale assembly drawing, list, the system can achieve spare parts serial number and list linkage automatically. In addition list still supports Access and FoxPro database port. These functions are very good to scale assembly drawing, accelerated design career and design efficiency greatly. 4.

Turn   of graph tool   is in CAXA electron drawing board 2007 in, can pass [applied Program Manager] come to load develops a program 2 times [turn graph tool] , [turn graph tool] main function is the list other software scale and caption column changeover to accord with CAXA appropriative list and caption column, for convenient BOM the watch is generated, list data correlation, output, and with ERP or the software such as PDM undertakes data changeover provides data base, patulous and practical function. Because be to use AutoCAD software cartography before the company, the many blueprint in graph library needs to be changed into CAXA format when be used at present, in order to satisfy the requirement of company level stencil, so of CAXA turn graph tool appears very convenient, efficient. Turn graph tool includes [initialization of width of cloth] , [write headline column] , [define list head] , [changeover list] , [additional serial number] 5 parts content, each respect perfects blueprint to change the job. Half hours of longer even workload can be finished one minute now before, the blueprint caption appearance after changeover and list information content are accurate, complete, improved work efficiency greatly. After to load, add with respect to meeting on the interface of electronic drawing board [turn graph tool] option, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph 3     4.

1 [initialization of width of cloth]       is in [changeover blueprint] next pulling in menu, click [initialization of width of cloth] option, can play give a dialog box, the direction of scale of coefficient of the width of cloth that blueprint can install in the dialog box here, lengthen, blueprint and blueprint. 4.

2 [write headline column]       is in [changeover blueprint] next choices in pulling menu [write headline column] option, right now cursor turns into collect condition, choose place of diagonal of column of the caption in blueprint, if pursue 4 in gules and rectangular position, the meeting after finishing is played piece fill in information, if the graph shows 5 times: Graph 4 graphs 5     4.

3 [define list head]       is in [changeover blueprint] next choices in pulling menu [define list head] option, right now cursor turns into collect condition, the list in choosing blueprint expresses a diagonally position, use method and [write headline column] the method is same. Click [affirmatory] after pushbutton, list head definition ends. 4.

4 [changeover list]       is in [changeover blueprint] next choices in pulling menu [changeover list] option, right now cursor turns into collect condition, choose place of diagonal of the list in blueprint, positions of following graph red rectangle, after finishing, can play piece [fill in list] information, if plan institute shows a picture,6 collect list is clicked [affirmatory] pushbutton completes transition. Graph   of content of the list after 7 changeover [changeover blueprint] the operation is simple, yi Xueyi is used, changeover of a large number of old blueprint that exist for the enterprise, other form blueprint provided a kind of brand-new means. Additional, if you had used CAXA plot, so you are sure meeting discovery is in CAXA software, when if have a piece the blueprint of column of picture frame, list, caption,the copy arrives in new interface, can think to there is list in blueprint, cannot use list to fill in function. Use turn the blueprint that graph tool changes is to need a copy to arrive in new interface commonly, also can produce same question at this moment, if list is not approbated by software, our turn does graph meaning still have how old? Want to solve this problem, need to make caption column, list only piece, in copying new interface again next, again will piece break up, can use list to fill in function. 4.

The dimension that the project tags drawing board of electron of CAXA of       is tagged more more all ready than AutoCAD, compositive degree taller. The system offers Cheng of powerful intelligent chemical industry to tag means, include dimension to tag, coordinate is tagged, dimension public errand is tagged, form tolerancepublic errand is tagged, surface roughness is tagged, tag an editor to wait for a few kinds big, kinds big in include a certain number of stature items again. Sheet is tagged with respect to a dimension included to be tagged basically, fiducial tag, tag partly, valve of big circular arc is noted wait for multinomial content. The most apparent is fiducial tag, tag the fits tolerance of dimension with AutoCAD before, need checks manual, fill data back and forth again next, already trival give error easily again. Differred with CAXA electron drawing board now, it takes tolerancepublic errand to cooperate to inquire a function oneself, search corresponding public errand according to the design quite quick (graph 8) .

Tagging process is reflected everywhere " be seen already earning " intelligence changes a mind, when using, need to click tagged way only, the system can take the design intent of the user automatically, specific all tagging detail are finished automatically by the system. Not only such, the surface roughness that still has it is tagged, form tolerancepublic errand is tagged, solder the symbol is tagged so trival without AutoCAD, complex, more concise, facilitate master. Systematic support is mixed in Truetype vector font Shx form file, the method of Chinese character input that can use Chinese platform inputs a Chinese character, input the character of all sorts of font on blueprint conveniently. Graph 8     5.

Editor and system of   of plot function   offer powerful intelligence to change graphical scale and process designing function, include main point, linear, circular arc, rectangular, polygon and batten line, center line, equidistant line, elliptical, hole / line of axis, wave, formulary curve scale, offer cut out, enlarge of commutation, drawing, mirror, array, scale, local enlarge, transfer, the modification of stickup, character and dimension. Its powerful intelligence is changed and graphical scale and editor function, can make technical personnel scale all sorts of complex project blueprint. The system uses overall trends to procrastinate put a design, support dynamic navigation, the system when scale graph catchs midpoint, end points automatically, hang down the diagnostic dot such as full point, twice improves the work efficiency when plot. 4, the   of applied example   of graph library uses the graph warehouse with powerful function, OK and fast and precise scale all sorts of complex graphs. If scale nominal connects diameter to be the flange of 100mm dish the measure that pursues to receiving installation is exemple will undertake demonstrative: Graph   of the interface of 9 electrons drawing board that start (1) enter CAXA electron drawing board, if the graph shows       9 times (2) by next pulling menu " plot " midpoint is attacked " the library is operated " to " extraction graph accord with " play piece " extraction graph accord with " dialog box, if the graph shows: 10 times? ?0 " extraction graph accord with " dialog box   (3) be chosen in kinds graph magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune is great choose flange, integral flange chooses in group of graph accord with, GB/T9115 chooses in list of graph accord with.

2-2000 roughness is in charge of flange to solder steeliness (PN5.

0MPa) , right plan institute is shown show for flange graph. Enter " next " nominal is chosen to connect diameter DN to be 100mm in pretreatment of graph accord with, press " affirmatory " can. The bolt that chooses relevant measurement standards with same method, nut and gasket, if pursue,11 are shown. (4) go to bolt, nut and shift of washerbed down the livestock on flange corresponding position, the blueprint that finish is assembled see a picture 12. Graph 11 choices assemble part drawing 12 flange assembly drawing 5,   of last word   is compared through using, reflected this software understanding to mechanical industry adequately, with practical for jumping-off place, to the actual demand of CAD software, personal feel in electron of functional respect CAXA drawing board compares AutoCAD more human nature is changed, more comprehensive, and the operation habit that accords with a Chinese, anyhow a word achieve greater. As software of CAXA electron drawing board upgrade newlier ceaselessly, the function is increasingly powerful also, if CAXA gives our valve the design,bring huge advantage. CNC Milling