Make CAD and BOM data implementation integrated

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Lifecycle of company use product manages (PLM) the history of software has exceeded 10 years. The original intent that uses PLM system is to manage the CAD that arises in the project better (CAD) file. However the elapse as time, the data range that PLM system manages expands gradually, already included the data of the domain such as resource of company operation, financial, manpower and market sale. Article key introduced system of among them SofTech ProductCenter PLM. This system can manage data, documentation and business flow. It will design the stock sheet in the n/arc drafting data related the file and ERP system with the CAD in PLM system (BOM) information connection rises. Measure one: The demand with firm the mainest demand goes to the lavatory namely engineering personnel wins stock detailed account (BOM) information. This program can add data of stock detailed account in the project cartography of PDF version and modificatory data. Although first drive of this project is engineering design personnel, other and relevant personnel also can visit BOM information easily through this software and be benefited from which. Look according to great majority mark user is mirrorred, temporarily the user is used very hard compositive the tool in ERP system. So we need to develop a kind handy the report generating program that uses easily. Of course, this is not confined to development to give simple and intuitionistic user interface. We consider to discover, engineers want to collect basic BOM data from inside ERP system not only, they still hope to be able to be aimed at any parts that record in stock sheet, visit relevant CAD file and modificatory data. But these CAD data that do not include engineers to need in ERP system of the standard, and cannot visit CAD file. The project cartography measure that engineers can examine number of any one spare parts of Zhang Yu some easily to concern 2: Analysis and compositive we know, existing ERP system does not have enough information to make whole report according to the need of final user. In fact, the CAD data consist in that report place needs in our PLM solution, and BOM information criterion in system of consist in ERP. Our IT branch passes an analysis to discover, first-rate solution is these two systems undertake ProductCenter PLM and Oracle Manufacturing ERP compositive, generate then include two systems the unified report of relevant data, deliver a report through company local area network. Engineer user people the analytic proposal that affirmed IT personnel, the solution that thinks to be based on a local area network can satisfy the requirement that they present to using gender and information easily. After having basic idea, IT personnel people proceed project development. But we should make clear the following above all: Those parts in the architecture of ERP of data consist in that engineering personnel needs? How do we realize the join of these two kinds of data? Acquiescent BOM information comes from the fixed report in ERP system, and those who use is number of production spare parts; And CAD file stores in ProductCenter PLM system, those who use is system of n/arc drafting number. N/arc drafting number and spare parts number always are not identical, both discriminative need is added in n/arc drafting number suffixal the spare parts number with its specific translate into. Measure 3: The Chang Fu of BOM structure dispute that because ERP system is medium,simplifies as far as possible is miscellaneous, this brings about the ERP report that revises a criterion to want to be gotten simply than a new report is being made in PLM system much. The data field that accordingly we revised what existing BOM report makes to be able to call all need from inside ERP system with XML format. Next, we rise XML data and conformity of PLM ID date, mix the PLM cartography number in ProductCenter the correspondence of spare parts number in relevant cartography file and ERP rises. Online the process that makes BOM report is as follows (can consult the picture with two subsequently medium pages) : 1.

Open network browser, show original search interface. 2.

The information with sufficient input in order to search relevant project. 3.

The spare parts number that the system will satisfy search requirement is shown with the form of list come. The user can find the BOM information of a need through list of number of this spare parts. After the system makes a report, the user can examine any project cartography that with some spare parts number concerns one piece further, visit all spare partses to change historical information. Use through company interior, this flow movement is favorable. We make BOM report the tool offer our supplier through company outer net further again, make they can inquire relevant data from inside our ERP system. The use method of system of company of Water Pik of explanation seeing a picture this is original search interface. The user can undertake searching according to spare parts number or spare parts name. In this exemple, we the basis contain in spare parts number " 00839 " with the spare parts contain in the name " Nvl " an inquiry condition searchs stock detailed account. We do not need to know any cost information, but we need to be in present time the complete information of this element. The system shows the search result of contented search requirement. Search requirement is more detailed, search result is more compact. In this exemple, list includes 4 searches result only. We want to examine spare parts number to be the stock detailed account of 20008393, click this medium magnifier icon. Final report contained the information that engineering department needs. The top that reporting displayed the basic message of current entry, include to whether have other and optional BOM (if exist really) . Click the 2nd medium magnifier icon, the system can show the project cartography of 20008390 (Revision AJ) . What this piece of graph shows is cartography of project of 20004006 (Rev AJ) , at first sight is not the information that we want. Because show,this is is number the project of below one class of 20008390. Delay the report backward use a few pages, discover to there is icon of a magnifier on the side of entry 20002760 (Rev AC) in the 2nd meeting, click it to be able to show the design informs documentation. These documentation are the technology in ERP system changes an instruction (the drive data of ECO) data. Memory of project announce documentation is in ProductCenter PLM solution, direct answer relatively with project cartography. This report included the documentation that before 3 entry in list are drive cartography change and BOM change to be in this cartography all modificatory detail information CNC Milling