Valenite10000 is able to bear or endure special: 5600 series raise the cutting rate of 20%

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10 thousand be able to bear or endure special the steel to solve you turning difficult problem and the brand of lathe tool razor blade that roll out 5600 series. The steel that uses us brand of turning razor blade 5600 series, the steel that promotes you turning treatment, acquire the property that cannot surmount. Technology of the finishing after point processing and the base that combined industry to precede, coating, coating, enlarged the applied limits of 3 brands. The name that VP5615   uses at semifinishing machining and steel of finish machining carbon, alloy steel and part machine   VP5625   multipurpose cast-ironly, use at rough machining to semifinishing machining common carbon steel, alloy steel is mixed stainless steel is new! The brand with VP5635 impulse withstand   , use at rough machining steel, new character of stainless steel and cast-iron product: Surface of knife face coating is passed on distinctive own patent " polishing " processing technology. This craft brought slicker surface, increase the strength of point through releasing the internal stress of coating. The ply of coating alumina coating is 2 times of coating more original. Base nicety the base technology that pilot delay changes. The core ministry hardness of every brand is handled through optimizing, with more the applied limits that applies to photograph correspondence. Point handles original point to handle technology, gained the accurate control to whole cutting blade. Exact point is controlled, cut in what differ fall greatly with the circumstance of feed, raised the intensity of bit and wearability. Of double lubricious gray hind knife face discerns easily the wear out condition of bit, the bit dislocation time with facilitating reasonable judgement. CNC Milling