Dust mark machine tool (too storehouse) center of turning of vertical of limited company VSC7

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The design of convert type machine tool with this original product satisfied the market to estimate higher and higher demand to producing quality, at the same time compositive and automatic fluctuation expects, reduced the investment of user labor cost. The lathe bed of the machine tool is become by mould of advanced and mineral makings, the thermal stability that has utmost and have good amplitude attenuation character. Compare with the machine tool photograph of traditional material lathe bed, the surface of the product is bright and clean it is better to spend, cutting tool life is longer; Z axis is used static press bearing, no matter be soft treatment or good treatment, treatment quality is very outstanding; Machine tool temperature is constant, ark of tower of the main shaft electric machinery, main shaft that takes sleeve, knife, electric equipment and lathe bed are cooled by frigorific system. CNC Milling