Confluence crosses Cheng control and solution of athletic pilot CNC

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Manufacturer of equipment of introductive almost all CNC is facing the pressure of innovation, but it is among them, be not all manufacturers to have the complete electron that pursues automation program development technically and software department. They need to get all sorts of standard CNC functions to lay the foundation with solid the next with this, need to complement oneself standard to went in these CNC functions only next. Combine the CNC of PLC process designing to answer as far as possible simple, and can move on individual CPU. Bei Jialai can offer a complete solution, include hardware, visible, emulate and package of oneself standard CNC software. This program is integrated the technology with all mechanical production the most advanced domains, drove mechanical manufacturer thereby people the activity is developed in the innovation of automation respect. Mechanical manufacturing industry is an innovation domain: In the past in a few years, the progress of automation technology brought the progress of advance rapidly to this group course of study, make innovation becomes be accustomed to sth. The client asks to raise yield, drive mechanical manufacturer from this people try to enclose more and more functions each machine equipment, thereby the time that utmost ground reduces waste to go up like clamp workpiece in nonproductive task. Its are as a result: Athletic rod is increasing, location is exacter and exacter, interpolation time is less and less. But mean at the same time: Sensor is increasing, input and output check the number increase quickly. Had optimized when effective treatment and manufacturing technology to physical maximum level, a lot of manufacturer attention make thin body and the automation that implement whole production unit at be a type of local school in ancient times of internal matter flow, include all operation facility, enclothe whole product line and whole production workshop even sometimes. On the other hand, mechanical manufacturing industry is not had revolutionary. Good convention won't be abandoned at will, the ability when the obstacle that becomes new thing to develop when it only can be abandoned. On traditional sense, PLC pilot input and output process and process of CNC pilot campaign are two completely different domains. To a lot of manufacturer, robot controller is the 3rd kind of circumstance completely. Accordingly, relevant manufacturer at this late hour still is offerring the alone PLC that is based on different hardware and CNC solution respectively. The process designing of these two kinds of plan is different, because this cannot show,be in identical face plate, also cannot synchronism moves. The amount that this contains a large number of sensor, actuator and robot operation device to conformity is not easy thing for numerous high speed axis. Bei Jialai's client can freely the ground answers these tasks easily now, the complete flow chain that because they had found,makes by hardware product and software option: Have link the system of bus line of high speed POWERlink of all sorts of peripheral equipment, intelligent drive technology and the Automation Studio that serve as development and real time operating system, it applied control of logic of program, PLC, sport, CNC and robot technology to provide an unified platform to show. The target that software of CNC of Bei Jialai standard includes is, for whole production the island offers centralized automation control. Of course, there is changeover between the function of all sorts of types, but machine development staff can be in where to change certainly commonly, the operation after and decide in where preparation is changed just can making is the most significant. Manufacturer of a few large and mechanical equipment knows very well this, and special appreciation shellfish adds Lai automation skill can make them right treatment, fixed position has free combination with indication task, these jobs can realize synchronism easily to move already, also can carry out with appropriate rate, although a few very complex tasks also are such. Among them an outstanding example comes from Austrian manufacturer Fill, the machining center that this company is based on athletic robot is called Robmill, it can realize function of current campaign of processing of robot technology, PLC and CNC on platform of a general hardware. Nextpage however, it is those large scale computer that produce sophisticated equipment not merely instrument manufacturer is met and the development that must throw a large number of energy automation technology, most CNC manufacturer also can develop respective product to offer the most useful solution for the client ceaselessly. Such doing can answer complex with each passing day task not only, the athletic rod with these task compositive place and treatment craft are increasing, and, reducing equipment to cover an area of while space and place require the sources of energy, raised the efficiency of equipment and rate. Current campaign of Bei Jialai controls a technology (Generic Motion Control) was united in wedlock CNC and PLC function and arrive into electric machinery from the pace the actuator of hydraulic pressure system, can go up in individual hardware platform and come true in centralized indication system, such company of such as Fill also can from which benefit. Use easily simply through POWERlink connective I/O and safety and economic space, automation Studio can offer unified automation project to design an environment, these reflected quite large dominant position. CNC face plate of Bei Jialai and exterior hold unit special accord with ergonomics principle but, they still need package of software of a standard, it can include all fields of CNC automation, it can use each trade the most advanced with the most effective technology, it still can expand easily define a function oneself. This software package should regard each machine as the core of development, and do not ask whole development department is used, and do not have completely need process designing. Anyhow, dedicated to those wanting at domain of respective core competition and the mechanical manufacturer that wants to win the largest support in electron and software side people for, they need the software package of an introduction class. The software of frequent learn the rudiments of a subject that designs for CNC equipment only wraps Beijialai to realise this one demand, developed package of CNC standard software. Strategy of branch of Bei Jialai Germany manages say of development director Markus Sandhöfner. "CNC equipment manufacturer people for the first time the opportunity obtains complete and coessential the solution that change, it can provide the CNC function of all keys, the hardware that the level that uses easily shows system and special development and emulation tool. " package of software of CNC of standard of Nextpage Bei Jialai includes a real time to emulate an environment, can mix to whole machine or NC / or PLC code undertakes emulation. The robot emulates the Beijialai that Bei Jialai still offers such as to undertake leaving line 3D emulation to producing a course (B&R Robotic Simulation) tool. Show the program also has been designed even, because this is below a lot of circumstances, the program is OK according to unvarnished carry out and need not any modification, but this is not is must: Because should show the program uses Visual Components to found, because this client can be revised, expand or adjust it simply in order to fit the company image of own company. It has 7 kinds off-the-peg beforehand mode of process designing operation is used for the client, include automatic, sheet pace and emulation mode. This application process is accessary still completed homepage face, program page, data page and diagnostic page, shortened further Time-to-market. In a typical CNC environment, indication program often must show long table, but must compact and operate easily. To satisfy these requirements, bei Jialai developed technically 15 " perpendicular face plate, it has numerous function switch and button, in suiting to control an environment in abominable labour very much, use, although operator carries a glove,the operation also does not have a problem. Because machine operator needs to be not being worn quite normally,ascend below the circumstance of face plate, use because of what this holds unit for the machine the operation provided sufficient maneuverability and flexibility. This hardware uses Automation Runtime operating system, it is the base that has be handlinged in real time to all task. Here, the program that CNC function does not offer like other manufacturer moves on an alone controller in that way, move in however go up with the processor with PLC same logic, can be in consequently processing of the many task when cent is being finished inside short cycle time as far as possible. The CNC unit on a lot of markets offers unlike only passageway of a CNC, bei Jialai's solution does not have this respect limitation. It is limitation is 8 CNC passageway at present, every CNC passageway has 9 axes. But before long, this kind of limitation also will become the past. With respect to this bit character, remaining only limitation is the processing capability of uses CPU. CNC software package still includes a real time to emulate an environment, it moves on Windows operating system, basically use at office environment, allow to undertake machine or NC are mixed / or PLC code is emulated, can be operated with the machine and emulate with the half objective at machine flow. "Our a few competitors are mechanical equipment manufacturer people offer prefab CNC to cover had had period of time, " Markus Sandhöfner say. "Package of software of CNC of Bei Jialai standard can make our client fast not only introduction, and can let them be in need not controller manufacturer is offerred custom-built completely free land realizes innovation below the case that turns process designing, ensure its product is had thereby sell a site distinctly and be protected completely. It still can be them all automation component offer the most advanced technology, satisfy the requirement that asks to raise yield by the client easily. " package of software of CNC of Bei Jialai standard can make our client fast not only introduction, and can let them be in need not controller manufacturer is offerred custom-built completely free land realizes innovation below the case that turns process designing, ensure its product is had thereby sell a site distinctly and be protected completely. Author brief introduction: Markus Sandhöfner, hold the position of Beijialai now (Germany) the strategy of the company manages development director, he is CNC and the expert that motion dominates a field. In Kaersilue the university takes engineering bachelor's degree and in Pufuercihaimu (Germany) heart of He Xiefei Er (England) complete industrial and commercial management, markus Sandhöfner ever held the position of manager of product of Electromechanical drive technology and agency director one duty, the government that is in charge of a few important clients works. He adds Lai company at joining shellfish 2001. Come from 2002 2008, he basically is in charge of be located in Zun Zhiya city the development of the American branch of Atlanta and sale job, hold the position of international selling manager in Austrian headquarters next one duty. 2009, markus Sandhöfner becomes the administrative layer member of company of Bei Jialai Germany, the strategy of responsible and whole company runs development. CNC Milling