Automation equipment and product line make medium application in spare parts of plane composite material

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In recent years, the tie that automation technology and composite material spare parts make makes aviation is made produced revolutionary change, it is the change that processes data not just, also include those who machine methodological respect to change, such as shop is put, solidify, mould pressing, braid those who reach sew to wait all sorts of treatment means make the production of the spare parts freer and freer, the quality that produces efficiency, overall material utilization factor and part got very big promotion. The swift and violent development that plane of automatic shop band mixes facilities of production of automation of composite material spare parts to unfold filar opportunity automatically is in for composite material in the plane main structural member produced medium big range application to level road, make airframe of production of large area high speed and wing large the spare parts becomes a possibility. Be like Boeing in the production of 787 used Xin Xin of equestrian case · extensively to carry a company to produce then " Viper " series unfolds filar opportunity automatically (graph 1) with " Charger " series is automatic airframe of production of shop band engine and wing, the shop free captive animals of the spreads filar machine to also apply at A350WB likewise airframe wainscot of this series is produced in [1] ; The wing of A350 uses the plane of automatic shop band that comes from company of Torres of Spanish M · to undertake bedding face accumulates a shop to put [2] (graph 2) . And additionally two of the United States famous machine tools produce Er of all alone of Shang Ying case (Ingersoll) with Electroimpact (EI) the filar axis warehouse that uses joint campaign - the design with shop compositive and unit thrum, what what differ is library of former silk axis be located in shop thrum upper part, and latter silk axis is central radial to arrange with spreading thrum. Of Ingersoll " Mongoose " model machine of automatic shop silk is in the United States company plant uses Goodrich at producing Boeing the components of 787 engine short cabin with plane of empty guest A350; Machine of automatic shop silk uses the S-15 double head of EI at producing the airframe with the most complex A350 15 cabin Duan Ling. Automatic fiber shop puts the robot of abstruse interest firm in French division system (graph 3) in develop a school of one's own of the it may be said inside course of study, the spatial motion that spreads thrum gets stuck almost completely by a library or ABB robot is offerred, its spread thrum to have measure small, weight is light, compositive degree of tall characteristic, cooperate connective of filar axis library not to have pulley silk bundle oriented canal can realize silk bundle 0 tension are carried, suit a shop to put particularly model the spare parts with sophisticated range. The robot spreading silk that Pang Badi company of Canada already purchased Keliaoli uses at C series plane hind the production of airframe component. Divide automatic shop silk / outside shop band plane, a few otherer in the newest model production that advanced composite material automation machines equipment to apply extensively also at the main plane such as Boeing and empty guest to make a firm. In respect of composite material solidify, carry on the company of German Premium Aerotech of task of production of spare parts of airframe of empty guest A350 purchases company of two Korea SFA (former England Aeroform) the working diameter that the company makes is 7m, what working length is 21m is giant cabin of date of 13~14 of the airframe before the axis sheds type autoclave to be used at A350 paragraph cabin of date of 16~18 of the airframe after mixing paragraph production (graph 4) , because use the automata that discharges cloth along autoclave length direction to heat,the heating element of power is mixed be based on advancedly " trends heats up a difference " the automation software that controls a principle, uniformity of the temperature inside coal tub and manufacturing efficiency get rising, thereby the fluent sex that utmost ground assured A350 project. Respect of mould pressing figuration, the equipment that Boeing used Spanish SENER firm in the alar bridge production of 787 assembles and unassemble automatically the bridge of form of C of production of hot diaphragmatic forming machine of die device, the composite material that uses production of same home company pulls production of crowded forming machine automatically to be used at fill the material of area of the triangle between Liang Zhi of two C form. Oversew in composite material and braid a respect, empty guest A380 is giant of the plane hind airframe bear in controlling the production that lies between casing, the automatic suture robot that German KSL company offers will be multilayer cloth of much axial carbon undertakes oversewing (graph 5) [3] , in order to assure the join between each carbon cloth, use advanced RFI next (model of colophony film frit) the technology undertakes colophony soak, solidify gets a part [4] . The application of technology of automation of production line of automation of spare parts of Nextpage composite material do not answer bureau be confined to is individual the automation of equipment, a variety of automation equipment compositive in an old system, implement the automation of the pull current Cheng of some kind of spare parts or product thereby, ability produces the advantage of automation adequately. Below the wing with empty guest A350WB (graph 6) wing joist product line is exemple undertake demonstrative, german empty guest uses tower moral character (Stade) the part of the largest whole of carbon fiber composite material that the wing on the A350 that the factory is in charge of producing produces up to now for empty guest, dimension is amounted to 31.

6m × 5.

6m, weight amounts to 2t; The carbon fiber joist with the differ accident that the surface inside its finds a place for, the longest immediateness 30m, joist total length exceeds 300m; And the expect according to empty guest, the wing production of factory of the heart that apply a tower must satisfy 7~13 of every months of production to wear the efficiency of A350 plane to ask in the future. The joist of composite material wing that uses before factory of the heart that apply a tower pull current Cheng is: Use machine of automatic shop belt above all (ATL) the carbon fiber that spreads enlarge area beforehand dip makings belt, get a casting die, the figure that needs cut of layer casting die into place next and purify flotsam, the layer casting die that will not need to be used instantly then is done pack refrigerant put in storage, the layer casting die that need uses instantly loads a mould to have take shape, the joist of all and different type all use same table forming machine to undertake machining, after figuration is finished, manual daub adhesive, dog in laser finally the auxiliary servent of appearance is versed in joist installation goes to those who finish to take machine shop to put by automatic shop on inside alar envelope apparently. This flow has the following drawback: (1) the makings area that shop of place of plane of automatic shop band puts is wider, wasteful after cut amount is larger. (2) the joist as a result of different type use same machine to undertake form cutting, change the mould spent a large number of time, manufacturing efficiency is low, in the meantime, unused mould also will take up storage space. (3) because manufacturing efficiency is lower, the layer casting die that need uses namely to standing is done pack and refrigerant processing, arrive when using again defrost, this needs the matter with one complex a complete set of to shed systematic support. (4) the spare parts of train in excess specified length to A350WB plane, the technology of its length and weight and integral part asked to decide not to suit to use artificial installation joist operation. To achieve the manufacturing demand of A350 wing, factory of the heart that apply a tower decides to use brand-new automation product line to solve existing problem, the basic concept of this product line is automation line works, that is to say joist production is the direction that secures along the advancement of pulsatile type, each labour complete different process, achieve thereby increase production efficiency and simplify the purpose of flow. Joist the shop is put, the treatment facilities that purify of cut, flotsam, figuration, installation needs to use automation is finished, at the same time joist in each workstation on automation line the carriage between also must not intervene artificially. Should assure to be versed in individually with carriage system run in coordination, must want to have an efficient control software to undertake be controllinged accurately to flow. Graph 7 for brand-new composite material joist the working sketch map of automation product line. Automation automation line is here medium, place all uses the length of uniform standards to amount to the workbench of 40m to undertake operating before, because of this joist carry the workshop crane that those who use is computer automation to carry the means of workbench to undertake directly, thereby utmost ground decreases assemble and unassemble operation and the unexpected loss to the component. Whole hoisting process does not need any artificial interpose, the largest size of hoisting does not exceed 40m, the greatest weight does not exceed 20t, repeat fixed position precision to be able to be amounted to 0.

25mm, product line amounts to 140m endlong. One of this automation automation line heavy revolution is the plane of automatic shop band before using machine of automatic shop silk to replace undertakes beforehand dip expects the shop is put, because spread a silk that machine shop puts automatically,Shu Kuan is spent (6.

35mm) far under makings belt, and can be carried out to every silk bundle cut, clamp and send again wait for a function, so can more accurate shakedown puts every joist needs planar figure, reduced the waste of material not only, and the working hours that saved cut greatly, improve work efficiency considerably thereby. In before such fast production still makes, be being produced refrigerant store beforehand link of casting die of dip makings layer is completely OK by purify, decreased to be packed in great quantities thereby, the time that storage, defrost carries with content shedding, make flow simplifies greatly [5] . In joist figuration respect, to improve efficiency and product quality, the equipment on product line is aimed at every sort model joist the appropriative forming machine of the design, need not change in serial production accordingly mould; As a result of before the time of link is optimized, for joist figuration obligate longer handling time, in order to get higher product quality. In joist on installation link, what this automation automation line uses is compositive the fixed position bridge that high accuracy surveys a system, the joist that has besmear adhesive the program that installs corresponding position accurately, assured the precision of fixed position and product quality thereby. In this joist product line (graph 8) in, be carried without any products that participate in artificially and move, joist unite the treatment that has automation line type to a direction by workshop crane to work, whole technological process is automation entirely, operator needs to undertake in operation room the job and parameter are installed supervisory only can. The control system of product line still packs stock intelligence tool and workbench management function, can undertake locate and be trackinged to tool and workbench in real time, satisfy the efficiency requirement when serial production thereby. This product line can satisfy the need that produces per month 7~13 to wear A350WB plane via the test, and can 365 days of uninterrupted ground have 3 movement, can undertake working 50000 times at most circular. In the meantime, this product line still can get used to a quantity to produce the manufacturing job of the wing on the type of 3 kinds of different cent such as A350-800/900/1000 in the round. In this automation product line, the system is compositive the core that is whole project, all sorts of automation that involve in product line machine equipment, including to spread equipment of purify of filar machine, automatic cut machine, automatic flotsam, composite material automatically to measure software of system of hoisting of system, automation and location and control forming machine, automatically to wait is an element in product line, these elements organic ground union rises, and with the most effective the most scientific way undertakes controlling, ability makes product line is achieved high yield, tall qualitative, efficient requirement. In view of full automatic the success application that automation line uses tower heart plant in German empty guest, the Spain that produces the wing below A350 wing for empty guest Yileisikasi (Illescas) the factory also introduced this product line to undertake joist production, believe these two advanced product line can be A350WB plane fast and occupational market make positive contribution. Sum up and ponder over the place on put together to narrate, no matter be the automation of facilities of treatment of composite material spare parts, still be automation of assembly product line, dou Conggen this getting on the application that changed composite material to create a field in aviation, be united in wedlock with automation photograph only, ability makes composite material is used case, use essence of life, use opportunely. Our country is in the course of automation of production of composite material spare parts, also need to absorb experience from inside the experience of foreign manufacturer, for example the provider that predecessor of company of M · Torres is the papermaking industry facility that owns 35 years of histories, after the company analysed papermaking equipment and fiber shop to put the similar point of equipment seriously, decide research and development unfolds filar opportunity automatically, successful transition, one of main suppliers that already made this kind of equipment on the world now [6] . The wing joist of factory of the heart that apply a tower the concept of automation automation line that product line drew lessons from auto industry middling morely to use. Two example show above, the development of new facility, new system should absorb nutrition from many sided, widen train of thought, dare to have fundamental innovation, such ability develop the characteristic of automation effectively, let produce efficiency and product quality to get rising further. CNC Milling