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Summary: The article basically introduced a stage to amount to PLC of company DVP-SS series and VFD-M series transducer to seal the application that makes bag of machine eagerly go up in heat. Key word: Heat is sealed make interface of bag of machine, PLC, man-machine, transducer, pace eagerly enter electric machinery, lukewarm accuse implement one, the generation huge of foreword polybag changed the life with daily people. As polybag demand increase ceaselessly, the makes bag of machine automation standard of polybag machine also had higher demand. In recent years, with PLC pilot plastic because its performance is steady,make bag of machine, automation degree is advanced advantage, make its are had mediumly in the market rate rising in year after year. 2, plastic the main demand that makes bag of machine is plastic make bag of machine should realize white bag to seal cut and lubricious bag is sealed cut two kinds of functions. 1, white bag is sealed cut, seal stock cut for identical length. 2, lubricious bag is sealed cut, there is pattern on stock, in the regulation design place seals stock cut. 3, solution: Following plan institute are shown, plastic making bag of machine basically is by: Store makings device, the pace takes unit, frequency conversion device, make in bags place, heat seals cutting tool and control equipment composition. Main feature is store makings device stores the raw material of relevant measure, the pace drives raw material into device, frequency conversion device drives heat to seal cutting tool, buy of whole in bags secures bags bag of number hind is whole in production, heat seals cutting tool to pass lukewarm accuse implement control its temperature to undertake sealing cutting to raw material, control equipment whole coordinates each respect action. Heat is sealed make bag of machine eagerly pursue this systematic controller uses a stage to amount to 14SS11T to undertake controlling. Support of this PLC lead plane was inputted at 8 o'clock, pulse of output, 10kHz was outputted at 6 o'clock, belong to miniature PLC, the demand that cuts bag of engine is satisfied completely on the function, economic material benefit. Transducer uses a stage to amount to M series transducer. The stage amounts to M series transducer to have the function such as automatic torsion compensation, slippery poor compensation, automatic stabilized voltage. The OK and effective protection electric machinery below the case that stay is opened often in electric machinery, avoid to start the voltaic influence to electrified wire netting, OK and effective implementation is energy-saving at the same time fall bad news. Lukewarm accuse implement use a stage to amount to DTA4848R. Sky appliance has Tai Dawen to rectify calm function oneself, temperature error control is in 0.

1 degree of less than. Watch PLC terminal defines Normal Align=center>PLC wiring pulls makings C10VX2 to run Y1 direction X3 to stop perch of C20V/ transducer GNDX4 Y5 of   of X7 of bags of Y4 of   of X6 of   of Y3 of   of Y2 transducer M0X5 is whole contact calls the police to basically control means to be as follows: 1, make open makings switch, through store makings photoelectricity is controlled store movement of makings electric machinery, will store mensurable stock. 2, open add lukewarm control switch, through lukewarm accuse implement lukewarm to heating up a knife to undertake adding. 3, drive raw material movement into electric machinery through the pace, among them white bag is sealed cutting is to decide the pace walks along fixed pace number to stop to realize fixed length control into electric machinery; Lubricious bag is sealed cutting is through detecting electric eye detects corresponding signal stops a pace to realize fixed position to control into electric machinery. 4, after the pace stops into electric machinery, three-phase asynchronous electromotor drives hot knife to undertake sealing cutting. 5, should seal after cutting set bag to count, undertake bags whole. The working flow of equipment is as follows: 4, what bar competes as the market is intense with each passing day, the user raised the requirement of higher technology and more reasonable performance/price ratio to what wanting a product. Of craft of the treatment process that report amounts to to connected offers PLC and transducer to finish pair of products with its excellent performance in, treatment and integral performance transform, got applied very extensively in industrial domain. CNC Milling