The combination of CNC sculpture and CNC Milling machines strategy

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Summary: CNC computer sculpture and numerical control mill and machining center have respective advantage in machining, CNC sculpture and photograph of numerical control mill are united in wedlock, produce respective advantage adequately, learning from others's strong points to offset his weakness each other is a kind of well-advised choice undoubtedly. Be based on advantages and disadvantages to contrast, article discussion combines CNC sculpture and CNC Milling one kind applied combination to machine strategy. Keyword: CNC Milling of numerical control sculpture machines strategy jointly 1 contract the last few years of foreword CNC engraving tool has greater progress in home, there was vulture mill opportunity early in abroad (CNCEngravingAndMillingMachine) . Say exactly, vulture is the one part of mill, power of machining center of traditional CNC Milling, CNC is great, treatment efficiency is tall, machine tool stability is better, but there is treatment when processing the weak qualitative data such as copper, aluminium the surface is bright and clean efficiency of degree of low, treatment is not advanced defect, and although machining center of high speed CNC can overcome the weakness of above, but the price is high, general manufacturer bears hard. Compare with photograph of traditional equipment of CNC numerical control, CNC computer engraving tool is having rotate speed tall, treatment is soft simple stuff efficiency tall, surface is bright and clean spend price of tall, sex to compare advanced advantage, carving treatment is the craftsman of full of mankind tall intelligence and high skill labor, honest all previous wears contemporary sculpture production technology to change to CNC carven from manual sculpture. CNC sculpture and photograph of numerical control mill are united in wedlock, produce respective advantage adequately, learning from others's strong points to offset his weakness each other is a kind of well-advised choice undoubtedly, the combination that this is CNC sculpture and CNC Milling machines strategy, make slightly to relevant technology key below discuss. The contrast of sculpture of 2 CNC computer and numerical control mill and machining center 2.

Machinery of machine tool of 1 mechanical part forms by two parts: Workbench, main shaft slide for mobile part; Lathe bed, base, pillar to be not mobile part. (The blame that logarithm of machining center of mill of 1) numerical control, CNC controls mill and CNC machining center is mobile part and demand of mobile part tigidity are high, because this can have heavy cut. But because mobile share is same giant, sacrificed machine tool flexibility, appear to petty cutting and fast feed ability not equal to one's ambition. (It is as far as possible good that the tigidity of blame shift part of machine of mill of carve of machine of 2)CNC carve mill asks to also want, and the tigidity of mobile part wants with the problem before be neatly, should design as far as possible a few defter, maintain certain tigidity at the same time. The CNC engraving tool of such design can undertake comparative petty precision work, treatment precision is taller, can undertake to soft metal high speed is machined, but the tigidity as a result of mobile part is poorer, have heavy cut impossibly so. How to solve mobile part weight from rigid structure light, tigidity contradicts well again, its key depends on rigid structure designing, can adopt the following technology measure: 1) is used exceed wide pillar and beam, because the structure of dragon door type has wonderful symmetry and admirable tigidity, it is the first selection structure of equipment of high speed cutting. Compare with photograph of structure of traditional C lathe bed, the lathe bed tigidity of dragon mast form is taller, get power average, workpiece moves in an axial only, each movement rod and relatively inertial low, design compact nicety, can ensure tall tigidity, high accuracy and tall trends are characteristic. The beam of the machine tool can be used tilt 30 degrees of structures, make main shaft saddle centre of gravity is rearward mobile, and make the slideway span of crossbeam is increased as far as possible, can raise the stability of main shaft and tigidity greatly so. Because the quality of pillar is more than the quality of the mobile component such as main shaft far, the high speed that is a machine tool so moves and the high speed movement of main shaft and bear cutting provided solid safeguard. 2) base uses cast-iron whole to cast, use the meshy case that muscle of on any account coordinates framework, or use directly honeycomb and conterminous inside 6 horn are meshy structure, ensure base has ample weight in order to increase the stability of the machine tool, the base design of so tall tigidity can ensure pair of fixed workbench and pillar and saddle, the rigid support of the mobile component such as main shaft, the stability that makes machine tool trends is machined is best, pillar is propped up completely inside total travel limits, make the deflection that machines generation the smallest. 3) its shift is showing with numerical control mill partly lie differently at broaden the distance between slideway and slideway, in order to overcome the effect of undesirable moment of force. Because when the tigidity of the machine tool basically takes mobile part to move in high speed with Yu Ke, 4) moves powerful concussion of the part to be not, requirement of lever of slideway, silk is so a few thicker, and the tigidity that reinforces join part. Finally, to get used to the dual requirement of high speed and bear cutting, 3 axes of X/Y/Z use servo electric machinery to add guide screw of ball of high accuracy of join of shaft coupling of high accuracy flexibility deputy, all slideway and guide screw all use advanced level the high grade product of hard layer of low coefficient of friction, high temper by dipping in water, made sure burden falls the tigidity of the machine tool already so, assured the precision that high speed moves again, those who ensure the machine tool machines condition to fall in long-term and successive high speed is low wear away to maintain a gender with precision, can save the cost of care and maintenance of the user. 5) logarithm controls mill and CNC machining center, because ask to output big torque of low rotate speed, the decelerate that needs to use main shaft transmission case is more torsional than promote, rotate speed is so low it is inevitable, the 6000r/min of top rotate speed of mill of ordinary numerical control and CNC machining center, use the cutting tool of very small radius unlikely. But to CNC engraving tool, main shaft just can work in 20000 ~ 30000r/min normally, circumgyrate precision is general 2 μ left and right sides, break knife phenomenon otherwise the meeting is very serious, must use electric main shaft or pneumatic main shaft so, namely electric machinery and main shaft are an organic whole, and the fixed head of main shaft uses the light qualitative data such as alloy aluminium commonly. Will tell to equipment of high speed cutting, form report main shaft hides inside the requirement, and also should use certain torque when low rotate speed, should grease refrigeration machine maintains main shaft working temperature is constant, main shaft power should be in 7.

Above of 5 ~ 8kW, rotate speed should exceed 25000r/min. 2.

Mill of numerical control of system of 2 numerical control and CNC machining center ask to numerical control system rate is average, 0 ~ 6000r/min controls main shaft rotate speed. And system of numerical control of high-speed of requirement of vulture mill machine and character of wonderful servo electric machinery, 3000 ~ 40000r/min controls main shaft rotate speed. Support the G code that a variety of CAD/CAM software such as MasterCAM generate directly. Numerical control system has following functions at the same time: (1) is opposite automatically knife function: Search horn of center, edge, deepness automatically, precision is extremely tall, solve a mould to search difficult problem; (2) is automatic / the hand uses treatment: Support the G statement of ISO standard; (3) increment feed and feed fold are online adjust a function: Should manipulate rate of feed of OK and accurate set; (4) user data inputs (MDI) function: OK and online instruction is defeated by AG carries out the user instantly; (Pattern of 5) weak condition: The user can machine what should carry out task setting is weak condition pattern; (6) high speed is flowing speed join is characteristic: Get used to the ground to decide current statement and an instruction oneself between join speed. Rose to machine efficiency greatly not only, and improved treatment performance, can eliminate the rate that keeps in treatment surface to receive knife mark; (7) three-dimensional imitate displays a function: Pass simple operation to be able to observe three-dimensional treatment result from each angle; (8) emulates a function: Can undertake be emulationed quickly machining to machine program, can finish inside cutty time, whether does inspection machine program make mistake at the same time, treatment result is satisfactory, calculate well and truly a time that machines a need actually. 2.

Software of 3 process designing (the 2 dimension design of 1) diversity is a lot of more current carve software, offerred powerful figure to found, function of editor, composing, accurate plot and artistic plot function, powerful word processing function. The artistic character that has a variety of aleatoric curves arranges the effect, word adjust with dimension random, editor; Powerful node makes up long function, OK and fast the local appearance of outline of optional ground nap. (The three-dimensional design relief with quick 2) carved software to provide the powerful function that produces three-dimensional model expediently, quickly by 2 dimension graph, construct by 2 dimension curve the artistic anaglyph of intense and artistic effect, complex curved surface, and will artistic anaglyph and curved surface modelling are perfect be united in wedlock, made generation configuration carves a product complexly. Still can export way of 2 dimension, three-dimensional cutting tool directly, the function such as the emulation of rough machining, semifinishing machining, finish machining and cutting tool method was provided in cutting tool method. (The design of mould of CAD/CAM of CAD modelling design with powerful 3) and production software is current machining industry is vast to use and quite successful software, have precise scale not only 2 peace keeping are three-dimensional graphical function, still can produce the powerful function such as curved surface, hypostatic model from this, and have way of cutting tool of direct to graph, curved surface, hypostatic model work out, adopt program of NC of test and verify of method of simulation cutting tool, by the computer input CNC engraving tool and numerical control machine tool fulfil the powerful function that workpiece machines. (4) can undertake directly between software of convenient data switch function 2, of three-dimensional data change. CNC engraving tool and CNC machining center and numerical control mill are same, its machine a foundation is CAD data, this is the crucial place that carves CAD function. Compare advanced computer domestic and internationally to carve the functional each has his strong point of software at present, tell from the angle of software, machining center of numerical control mill, CNC and CNC engraving tool can use CAD/CAM software of the standard, CAD/CAM software undertakes the 3D graph of the product is designed first, design technology of protocol CNC Machining according to the characteristic of the product next, the input machines parameter, make cutting tool way, the control system that second birth becomes machine program and carries numerical control machine tool undertakes automation is machined. Engraving tool of CNC four-axle computer is shown 1 times like the graph. Engraving tool of computer of graph 1CNC four-axle 2.

4 knives library changes Dao Hequan automatically to be opposite automatically knife machining center is to complete a variety of process the numerical control equipment at automatic status, the production that basically is used at a few fixed big batch works. But produce an unit to mould industry and small lot, must not go up easily machining center, a lot of manufacturer buy machining center to be used when numerical control mill. Use knife library is told to numerical control system very simple, but machine of main shaft and knife library, pneumatics and the meeting such as all sorts of knife handle raise cost, and process designing, adjust knife library to also want to spend corresponding time. So, same to production breed and the treatment with work little measure does not use machining center as far as possible, because of cost tall, efficiency is low. Can use full automatic to knife system, knife upgrade is installed, a pushbutton, the machine tool is opposite automatically knife, immediate treatment, the error is in 0.

001 ~ 0.

Inside 0003mm, with change time photograph automatically to compare, slow not a lot of. If be machining center, but without be opposite automatically the machine tool of knife device and do not take knife library, but have compare automatically to the machine tool photograph of knife device, the efficiency latter outclass in practice is former. To domestic manufacturing industry, especially for mould production company, it is odd commonly a production, and labor natural resources is sufficient, so, to the treatment of spare parts of small lot industry, want mature fund use value, do not use machining center device at every turn, more what is more,the rather that the knife warehouse system of domestic manufacturer still is put in many problems, graph 2 for view of some machining center. Graph 3 combination treatment applies 2 machining center politicly to rise ceaselessly as what produce a standard, machine tool of CNC high speed also gets die manufacturer people favour, the is a cutting tool constitutionally walk length of high speed cutting goes inside short time, as a result of the character with its good oneself, can improve treatment efficiency substantially, can reduce manufacturing cost thereby. The rotate speed of machining center of high speed CNC can amount to 40000r/min, but the use of high speed machine is put in a lot of problems at present, it is problem of experience of high speed treatment above all, personnel of a lot of process designing does not know how to use cutting dosage before high speed machine, to the understanding of cutting dosage, what often depend on is experience and feeling, and these experience and feeling are accumulated in machine tool of low speed CNC. So, the sense cannot be found when facing high speed chance. Consider to machine the material of workpiece and hardness even next, data is harder, cutting dosage takes small cost accordingly. The function that uses cutting tool is very main also, because the cutting tool of place choice decided the rotate speed that can use, the treatment that decided a machine tool is common treatment or high speed treatment. So, chose high speed knife only, ability gives out corresponding high speed, undertake high speed is machined. And the cutting tool parameter of different company also is widely divergent, so process designing personnel needs to process the relevant technology data of cutting tool. Compare with photograph of machine tool of CNC of common low speed, because the power of the machine tool is certain, main shaft rotate speed is faster, its can susceptive cutting force will be smaller, when so high speed machine is machined, quantity of penetration of a cutting tool wants accordingly small. Wait for material of machine tool, cutting tool, treatment, processability union to rise to just can fumble character only a first-rate cutting dosage, generation first-rate manufactures efficiency. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, via balance hind of advantages and disadvantages can use the following treatment technology: Because at present home suits the machine tool of heavy cut a lot of, treatment cost is cheap also, cutting tool is cheap also. And average workpiece treatment amount is large, precision demand is not high. In view of this kind of circumstance, can use profile modeling mill or numerical control mill to complete major cutting volume (heavy cut) , leave the mental allowance of 2 ~ 3mm, can measure the rest cutting on engraving tool of high speed CNC to be finished quickly. After turning into high speed cutting, because machine an object to already was close to figuration, the cutting amount of the first knife is very so even, can use the cutting tool of the entrance, although cutting tool is expensive, but handling time is short, cutting amount is not large, performance/price ratio rate is so very good. To small-sized mould, mental allowance is not big, can finish whole treatment job into in CNC computer engraving tool. 4 last words are current, the rapid development of numerical control technology, and the development speed of the develops speed outclass machine tool CNC of CAD/CAM software, apply the software such as advanced Pro/ENGINEER, MasterCAM to undertake CAD/CAM designs treatment, each take a strong point, transmit final CAM order computer engraving tool to carry out, can carve CNC and union of CNCCNC Machining organic ground rises. Numerical control mill and CNC machining center basically are used at completing the treatment of the workpiece that bigger milling measures; And CNC engraving tool basically is used at finishing milling to measure lesser and workpiece has faster face bright and clean spend or the treatment of soft metal, the application that processes strategy jointly will make CNC sculpture becomes a mould to machine indispensable process instrumentation, having wide applied perspective. CNC Milling