Uniqueness of machining center of high accuracy of herd wild high speed can

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Industry of whole now treatment is discussing high speed machining center it seems that this topic. Be in Japan, mu Ye prepares a firm as the first machining center, have its distinctive definition to high speed machining center. Of course the requirement that the rapid development of the drive controller that force centers strong and science and technology of mechanical industry major makes a machine tool achieve breathtaking accuracy and rate. High speed machining center is outer perhaps the ministry looks do not have with the machine tool of traditional pattern how old difference. Be in however the structure of machine tool interior and technology however widely different, just saying to use high speed main shaft is the thing with high speed so simple mill. In fact, it is main shaft not merely, what the optimization of the technology of each part and design and fundamental machine system design servo controller system is strategical updating is the component with the high speed indispensable mill with outstanding creation. We are to the definition of high speed machining center: Can offer tall productivity; Main shaft of high rotate speed; Main shaft is quickened as rapid as feed; Change knife and workbench to rotate rapid; The cutting of high capacity handles a function; High reliability also can assure when heavy cut. In the process that perfects ceaselessly in high speed machining center, we study to a perfect and efficient machine tool normally very much. But the precision that when us with micron smaller even unit measures a machine tool, we begin to examine the definition of efficient machine tool afresh. Arrive from the controller system orgnaization of the machine tool bearing, machine tool manufacturer people begin to consider how to make system of numerical control machine tool gets be updatinged effectively, improve efficiency thereby, but, important is to must let all spare parts combination achieve highest locomotive efficiency, body reveals extraordinary consistency and harmonious sex. Main shaft (the effect that the main shaft electromotor that Spinde) receives machining center of wild high speed to use integral formula avoids caloric generation to bring about pair of main shaft with reducing vibration. Special application maintains Mu Ye up to now patent main shaft core is cooling the one big a magic weapon that the system is machining center of Mu Ye high speed. Low speed main shaft uses ball bearing normally, use grease to lubricate. But as main shaft rotate speed rise ceaselessly, when main shaft rotate speed is close to 10000r/min, lube begins to yield quantity of heat affects main shaft precision and life directly. Special arrive when main shaft turn up when 12000r/min, after the quantity of heat of as a result of lube generation reachs certain level, can gather in main shaft and cutting tool. Make excessive demands ceaselessly to machine tool power and high rotate speed in the client today, how solving main shaft problem is one big challenge manufacturer to. Existing technology is to use bearing of compound pottery and porcelain to cooperate lube, such technology perhaps is to main shaft when 15000r/min unchallenged. We also discover some manufacturer also use another kind of bearing, its interior and outside the edge still is comprised by sheet metal, but rotating is by tigidity material of abiding and very strong, durable pottery and porcelain is comprised partly. Quantity of heat is the natural enemy of bearing precision and life. In main shaft movement comes 10000r/min, have quite representative is use oil mist (OilAirLube) meter system. This system is offerred least (but sufficient) lube produces quantity of heat with reducing bearing, additional, blow tracheal also help break up quantity of heat. Again the rest quantity of heat is turned one won't be in the cooling system that causes a loop, be closed to rise. Herd wild main shaft does not use oily mist to express a system, because of the rotate speed when oily mist main shaft under 15000r/min when, lubricant main shaft should be OK finish; But when main shaft rotate speed exceeds 15000r/min, high speed rotates make air stream of a protection generates outside main shaft. Main shaft rotate speed is this higher aeriform covering layer closes more, rotate so the centrifugal Li Lingrun of generation is slippery oil cannot lubricate adequately main shaft. In the meantime, the quantity of heat of main shaft interior cannot get sufficient diverge, cool quickly impossibly also of course. As time passes, main shaft generation wears away in great quantities, the influence machines the precision of workpiece. The Mu Ye processing in the cooling problem of main shaft is very reasonable. The system of refrigeration of main shaft core that we use is unique. The cooling fluid of main shaft interior is to cool above all core of main shaft interior. Cooling system uses main shaft center to get oil of temperature pilot refrigeration in great quantities, cross directly rotate main shaft begins to cool from interior. Ensured from this even if the rigid main shaft that used bearing of 80mm internal diameter, the circumstance that runs in high speed also won't produce hot displacement. Next, crust of again cooling main shaft, ensure thereby the balance of main shaft temperature. Additional, the lubricating oil that we use also is cooling oil at the same time, internal pressure lubricates to cool namely oil flows to bearing core from main shaft interior, the refrigeration when crossing the Kong Tong on bearing core next is whole bearing. The centrifugal force when rotating as a result of the bearing that cools from interior and direction of momentum of cooling oily flow are consistent, although be below the circumstance that high speed rotates, the success that also can assure to lubricate (already obtained patent) . So, lube cools namely oil lubricates directly through the raceway inside bearing ball. Close wild call raceway next lubricating (Under-RaceLubrication) . We had done a test, the main shaft look that takes oily mist with aforementioned is compared, main shaft rotate speed of Mu Ye is 3 times faster. Faster feed (QuickerFeeds) Mu Ye is in ensure the premise of high accuracy falls, provide the efficiency of high speed machining center ceaselessly. A55e of Mu Ye equipment, the X of J66, y, the feed speed of Z axis is right in order to achieve 50m/min. Want to achieve so big feed, have special systematic support necessarily. Mu Ye uses double ball guide screw (Dualballscrews) and double feed electromotor (Dualfeedmotors) . Double ball guide screw assures main shaft X, y, z3 directional feed is average, stable; Double ball guide screw also gives when assemble beforehand pressure, utmost removes the clearance issue that odd ball guide screw produces. Same, the electromotor of double feed, also provided smooth and efficient power system for main shaft. Used double ball guide screw and double feed electromotor to also increase caloric to arise at the same time? The answer is negative of course. Receive core of wild ball guide screw to cool (BallScrewCoreCooling) is to counter caloric wise move. Use the method that lube circulates in interior of ball guide screw, 100 times less than the quantity of heat of generation lubricating to want outside guide screw. Controller -- the experience proof that GI(GeometricIntelligenceFunction) of Mu Ye's distinctive geometrical intelligence function goes, high speed is machined (high rate and high accuracy) the main obstacle of the respect is running control technology is not main shaft technology, here the respect did not acquire CNC manufacturer in a few years in the past how old progress, fortunately of computer function fast and powerful, made up for this one inadequacy, especially the day of software attain the flying development of maturity and digital technology. Above all, current machining center processes data quickly, accelerate the treatment rate of workpiece. Business of production of a few machine tool boasts their machine tool is in high accuracy treatment the processing speed of every travel a type of local school in ancient times is less than 1ms, this and the 70ms photograph 10 years ago are compared is a not little progress really. The person that use must keep vigilant, because these manufacturers offer the rate that is program processing merely, actually, program processing rate is not important, the time that place of the machine tool program that finish runs just is the real problem that we care. Have a bit we must understand, the time of a type of local school in ancient times of travel of carry of actual machine tool decided you can be machined much faster much better. The precision that be here, traditional sense is to show linear interpolation uses the error that when every bits of bit imitate machines the contour line of appearance, causes. This means precision taller, imitate dot is more, every bits of bit space between is less. When speed of machine tool data processing is insufficient, the problem that dense dot can cause a mould to machine middling to see " data is hungry " . Geometrical intelligence function can solve treatment middling to see well " data is hungry " problem. He basically is used at high accuracy to process work, than other " look ahead " (processing technique of LookAhead) high speed can reduce working metre more, make workpiece more perfect. Control a system besides really reliable main shaft, fast feed, GI of course outside, high speed machining center of Mu Ye has reasonable axis at the same time structure and delightful the lead plane structure that change, efficient cooling system and use distinctive HSK new-style knife is placed () of dynamic balancing knife handle. These are the core shares that create machining center of high speed, high accuracy. Be recumbent so excelsior the concept that elevates a client to manufacture efficiency ceaselessly, have in the trade that herd wild machine tool processes in Chinese mould and spare parts not the expression of common. CNC Milling