Broach of high-powered high-speed steel

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In recent years, the user that asks to process difficult treatment data with high-speed steel broach is very much still. ERASTEEL company develops ASP2060 of a kind of new-style high-speed steel recently, this is high-speed steel of a kind of tall alloy, after coating of PVD of ASP2060 broach classics is handled, use at the Kong Jia of difficult treatment material to be versed in, the effect is very ideal. If high strenth presses the hardness that delays material HARDOX to be as high as 600HB, although this kind of material can be machined with hard alloy broach, but because hard alloy tenacity is poorer, the broach in machining a process is easy damaged, and ASP2060 broach can achieve favorable treatment result. Additional, hard alloy broach asks to use tall rigid machine tool, and ASP2060 broach can be in the type of pillar type drilling machine with wronger tigidity applies on radial drilling machine. Course TiAlN is multilayer the ASP2060 bit that coating handles is current the new product on broach market, its productivity is very tall, what cutting tool life is broach of common smelt high-speed steel is multiple. The development of ASP2060 broach is successful, machine open up of material of tall hardness difficult treatment for high-speed steel broach new approach. CNC Milling