C630A center lathe transforms amount to to control circular arc grinding machine

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Content summary: Below the circumstance that does not have machine tool of circular arc grinding, those who pass pair of C630A center lathe transform, apply lathe of GSK980TDc numerical control to control the C axis function in the system, came true to sell the grinding of the circular arc on the spare parts to double circular arc, throw less device to transform expense, made sure the design of the product asks. 1.

Of the problem offer a plan 1 is shown is the spare parts diagram that double circular arc sells. Its two end have the circular arc of a 130 ° of ± each, exterior surface roughness is worth Ra=0.

8 μ M, circularity 0.

015mm, cylinder is spent 0.

02mm. Use milling method to machine short of of two upright circular arc to design a requirement, grinding treatment is more reasonable, but do not have in the equipment that configures in homebred standard can grinding this spare parts the machine tool of two upright circular arc. Graph 1 pair of circular arc are sold 2.

Transform plan to be proved through the analysis, we decide the C630A center lathe that discards as useless transforms amount to to control circular arc grinding machine, if the graph is shown 2 times,transform program specificly. Graph sketch map of grinder of 2 circular arc 1.

Synchronous belt 2.

Electromotor of main shaft servo 3.

Main shaft box 4.

Flower disc 5.

Workpiece 6.

Emery wheel 7.

Emery wheel electromotor 8.

X to servo electromotor 9.

Z to slide 10.

Smooth belt 11.

X to slide 12.

Lathe bed slideway 13.

Z to servo electromotor 3.

Transform with carry out (1) long grind slideway of C630A lathe bed 12, Z to slide 9 with X to slide 11, make its achieve the accuracy class of accurate lathe. (2) demolish hang round of box, feed box, slide box, guide screw, feed rod and switch bar, system of will fore-and-aft feed is transformed for Z to servo electromotor 13 with drive of ball guide screw, transverse feed system is transformed for X to servo electromotor 8 with drive of ball guide screw. (3) demolish main shaft box 3 in all gear, transmission shaft reachs belt annulus, leave a main shaft only. Change bearing of main shaft around the accuracy class that it is P4. Precision of the main shaft after maintenance asks: The radial circle that axes stands by main shaft end panel is jumpy 0.

005mm; Change of main shaft axial is moved 0.

005mm; Main shaft axes is fore-and-aft to slide mobile parallelism (300mm measures length inside) horizontal 0.

01mm, vertical plane 0.

02mm. (4) in the back end installation of main shaft pace of a Great Harmony is taken annulus, front installs flower disc 4. Flower disc 4 on fixed position is sold sell with lozenge, work 5 installation are sold in fixed position and lozenge is sold in, with pressing plate and nut impaction. Emery wheel nap implement can install in workpiece the 5 flower disc on 4 on. (5) of will original machine tool advocate the electromotor of main shaft servo that electromotor changes to be produced for limited company of equipment of Guangzhou numerical control 2, its norms model is ZJY265, 11BM, B3, in electromotor of main shaft servo small synchronism of the installation on the take-off of 2 is taken annulus, with synchronous belt big, small synchronism takes 1 connection annulus, make electromotor of main shaft servo 2 as unoccupied place as very close to each other of main shaft implementation drive. (6) the small slide that demolishs primary machine tool to go up and tool carrier, in X to slide 11 on install 2 extremely 1.

Electromotor of 5kW emery wheel 7, emery wheel axis and emery wheel 6, with smooth belt 10 emery wheel electromotor the 7 large areas that go up annulus the zonule that goes up with emery wheel axis annulus connection rises, make emery wheel 6 reach its axes and parallel of main shaft axes, and be in same inside horizontal. (7) in main shaft box of 3 below installation gasoline tank and gear hydraulic pump, undertake lubricating to main shaft bearing, bottom installation centers lubricant pump after, to X, Z to slideway, slide and ball guide screw and bearing undertake lubricating. (8) the GSK980TDc lathe CNC that numerical control system uses limited company of equipment of Guangzhou numerical control to make, it has 5 feed axis (include C axle) , 2 imitate main shaft, precision of the smallest control 0.

1 μ M. We main shaft box 3 medium main shaft settings are the first main shaft, have the position and speed control function. Code M14 dictates main shaft controls means switch to control fashion to the position from speed; Code M15 dictates main shaft controls means switch to control fashion to speed from the position; Code C reachs the number at the back of its, the angle of displacement of instruction main shaft, floating rate uses F statement. We are setting of emery wheel axis the 2nd main shaft, rotate speed dictates with code SC; Code M63 dictates the 2nd main shaft arranges hour hand to rotate; Code M64 dictates the 2nd main shaft is anticlockwise rotate; Code M65 dictates the 2nd main shaft stops to rotate. 4.

Treatment test and verify so far of the machine tool transform and the setting is finished entirely, we narrate the grinding treatment that double circular arc sells and to program below. If the graph is shown 1 times, 2 φ 180-0 -0.

025mm circular arc is before grinding, unilateral obligate 0.

2mm grinding surplus, the others is departmental all machine a graph 1 shows measure. By the graph 2 are shown, will double circular arc is sold among them 60+0 of a φ .

Installation of 03 +0mm aperture is sold in as coaxial as main shaft fixed position in, with pressing plate and nut impaction, another φ 60+0.

The aperture installation of 03 +0mm is sold in lozenge in. The right end panel that sets double circular arc to sell is Z to at 0 o'clock, main shaft axes is X to at 0 o'clock, the circle outside emery wheel and left end panel are pair of knife point of a knife. SC of rotate speed of emery wheel axis is 6688r/min. When emery wheel diameter most greatly when φ 100mm, linear velocity is 35m/s; Arrive when nap of emery wheel diameter the smallest when be 60mm, linear velocity is 21m/s. Sell two φ 60+0 when double circular arc.

When the centre of a circle of 03 +0mm aperture is in even the line horizontal position, set those who be C axis at 0 o'clock, if pursue,2 are shown. Limits of C axis feed is ± 132 ° , x, Z and speed of feed of C3 axis grinding all are 1200mm/min. Diameter of the circular arc before grinding is 180.

4mm. Machine program of numerical control grinding is as follows: ... G00 X180.

38Z5; M14 C-132; M63 SC6688 M08; G01 Z-5 F1200; C132; X180.

34; Z-10; C-132; ... X179.

988; Z-105; C132; M09; G00 X300 Z300 C0; M65; M30; After grinding of circular arc of one aspect of the matter is finished, tune installation, again circular arc of grinding other one aspect of the matter. After the spare parts is machined, design a requirement via examining to be accorded with completely. One looks the processing technique puzzle that can finish without equipment, transform through old equipment, invest very few capital, was captured so. Bibliographical reference: [1] Wen Bangchun.

Mechanical design manual [M] .

Beijing: Machinist trade publishing house, 2010.

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