Appearance of laser scanning vibration is getting the application in cutting treatment

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When bore, oscillatory meeting brings very big question. Can affect quality on one hand, may cause cutting tool to rupture on the other hand and bring about production to interrupt. To avoid this kind of problem, should undertake metrical to cutting tool vibration and undertake in time corrective. Study the result makes clear, the relevant measure that appearance of laser scanning vibration suits to be used at deep to Chan Ren Kong Zuan is entered undertakes determining. Cutting tool vibration is a when when bore is machined, encounter major problem. But comfortable when the regulating system that distribute will come in cutting tool occurrence vibration, can in time make explore and adjust. Accurate to this need control the knowledge of respect of character of vibration of cutting tool structure. The experimental mode that how instrument of laser scanning vibration carries the introduction below is analysed, will decide odd blade deep aperture gets the mode parameter of the knife. The most familiar method of oscillatory to dynamic system analysis is mode analysis. This kind of method that also is regarded as to be inherent and oscillatory analysis can measure the parameter such as the natural frequency that decides such as system, damp and configuration. Mode is analysed with the structure every time trends be out of shape the principle of the summation increasing advantageous position that all is its configuration the foundation, every kinds of mode all passes the vibration of a kind of structure to parameter and accurate freedom are spent and reach. Get in the structure when vibration, all mode reaction is met namely according to scale, go in the campaign that enters whole structure. Pass the collect that reacts to mode, corresponding structural reaction becomes specific incentive frequency changeably namely. To the acknowledge of mode parameter, can realize the description of dynamic to the system condition, also be the important basis that forms place to make series explore to the model. All sorts of models all build the base in simplified set over, be enforced to enter the uncertainty that goes up somehow. Vibratory system is in actual in expression how, this often is in only the fundamental upper part of experimental sex dug is attainable clear. The mode analysis of experimental sex is one of the mainest measurement technique of this respect, and hang on observes to structural model. Pass what have deferent function to every measurement point of the system to determine, can achieve actual and dynamic trait of the system. To this, use corresponding incentive source to have drive to the structure of dug, the reaction that goes up in each measurement point to the system undertakes metrical. The signal have the aid of that measures inside time limits transmits a principle at Fast-Fourier, be changed to be frequency limits, reach one kind has the system of deferent function according to base mark signal. Can measure from this such as natural frequency, damp and the mode parameter from visible form. In bore process, most greatly the frequency limits of 5000Hz is significant. Accordingly, limited inherent and oscillatory amount namely the dynamic feature to a kind of structure makes enough description, and to inferior frequency, can appear the phenomenon of frequency resonance aggravate. Cutting tool attributes the decisive part in having attrition work flow. Pass mode analysis, can measure the parameter with be gotten very important to exercise safety, right undertaking special apparatus undertakes metrical appearance of   laser vibration modulatory is a kind of does not have contact and optical type measurement technique that is aimed at mechanical and oscillatory process, measure a principle to be a foundation with optical frequency shift, when the measurement point of oscillatory structure produces disperse, frequency shift can be measured so that stimulate beam of light. This kind of method is done not have counteractive, permit the application of pair of sensitive structures and component in much applied territory, and after in a kind circumstance, as a result of the reason of object character and environmental parameter, cannot use contact infect feeling cell. Established laser much general to strap oscillatory measurement unit especially, regard a kind of measurement that does not have a contact as technics, realize oscillatory to the structure measurement. To this, the opposite games between the transmitter of electromagnetic wave and light-wave and receiver causes the change of the frequency that suffers speed effect or wavelengh. Measure in the light of planar vibration, can use scanning vibration instrument. When using method of this kind of scanning, it is with quick order on a lot of measurement point of object surface into line scanning (graph 1) , in the object through stimulating beam of light apparently scanning is mixed very high space resolution, can generate a series of only places to measure an outcome. From inside these oscillatory data, or is right inside time limits synchronous campaign process, perhaps be opposite inside the frequency limits of frequency band exercise vibration form undertakes determining mixing visible. In oscillatory process but below accurate reduplicative condition, can undertake conformity to the measurement that undertakes continuously. This can go up to spark with what specific frequency band limits generates in the oscillator through a kind signal will come true. Graph 1 measure in the light of the vibration that curves vibration and the scanning that turn round vibration to measure to nod distributinging circumstance to undertake in the place on IWF, can use the instrument of laser scanning vibration of Polytec company, to odd blade broach have frequency ω oneself O and succumb the ω that spend N() wait for mode parameter to undertake determining. Regard the measurement of experimental analysis as the object, used a diameter for 11.

76mm and φ 7.

The head of completely hard metal of 22mm (circumferential for C form) Chan Ren broach. Drill pipe and Zhang Jin cover (error: φ 20 G6) pledge by tone steel is formed, odd blade broach is 335mm endlong. Curve vibration and screwy vibration to can be measured in experimental analysis, the line of corresponding bar case that asks to need to fixing measurement point place above all has a definition. To this, use the distributinging means of a form to the choice of measurement point, stimulate beam of light ordinal undertake rightly scanning. Below the case that did not press, the measurement point that shows perpendicular embattle to distributing directly is located in on a plane; And when undertaking to odd blade broach vibration is advanced, can cause broach happening deflection. Below the condition that reverses vibration, broach can happen turn round, the result that the journey that surges the each jackknife point that beam of light explores changes each are not identical. In the evaluation, this kind of phenomenon expresses through overlaping the color of measurement point changes each (graph 1) . Specific measure circumstance   to avoid to be in experimental analysis external oscillatory, used the steel qualitative test desk of a kind of great quality. The main shaft that needs pair of odd blade bit above all and centre of gravity have consideration, so that broach is fore-and-aft and oscillatory,direction can aim broach centre of gravity and the transverse direction of two side main shaft directly. Be aimed at in broach fore-and-aft the vibration that go up, oscillator and odd blade broach go up to stage of tiger be been in by Zhang Jin or the clamping apparatus that contain line skin and pincers each other. Free broach end ministry contains a sclerotic oscillatory fastigium, a Piezo is set to measure force transducer and an aluminous qualitative adapter on fastigium. Falling with the action of tensile force, these device can join with oscillator photograph. Controller passes an amplifier, convey signal of a sine and a specific frequency area to be opposite in another the oscillatory oscillator since hair of Chan Ren getting. Measure force transducer to suffer through carry amplifier, feedback the signal of force to controller, and controller passes what by laser scanning vibration appearance transmits the journey change signal related to frequency, computation gives mode parameter. Graph 2 soft music sexes are in direction of the first main shaft (34) the frequency graph that go up shows φ 2 times 11.

Deep aperture broach is in 76mm Chan Ren direction of the first main shaft (34) on the soft Qu Xingpin when experience is oscillatory leads limits, its curve accords with the feature of 3 traditional oscillator. Because 3 distributing,the broach that involves odd blade drilling tool, drill pipe and Zhang Jin are covered, because method of this kind of experiment is appropriate. 880Hz has mode to identify easily oneself, this is one curves vibration; And another each has what mode is 2000Hz to turn round vibration. Of the 3rd model oneself mode still is curve vibration, frequency is 3300Hz. Compare to facilitate, the graph is shown 3 times get a knife to be led limits on feed direction by the soft Qu Xingpin of odd blade broach when vibration. The first each that measures has mode to be 580Hz, the 2nd each has mode to be 850Hz. These are belonged to curve vibration. Amplitude is the vibration of observes a kind of atypical on direction of the first main shaft the first of 2000Hz turns round vibration. Provide typical is 2600Hz, 3300Hz and 3860Hz to have pattern oneself extremely, these are to bend from vibration. Graph 3 soft music sexes look from whole in the frequency on feed direction, frequency is taller, the soft music sex of knife of Chan Ren getting is stronger. Maintain as a result of the oscillatory force of oscillator in constant level, accordingly, the deflexion sex that can say to get a knife to go up in bigger frequency range is stronger also. Besides use hollow drill rod besides, chan Ren gets knife length - diametical proportion is larger also, this reduced the tigidity that plunges a knife, increased to get a knife to break off with the dangerous sex with oscillatory amplitude big hasten. The detailed opinion that the mode test that makes to each measurement point place analyses makes clear, what getting knife main shaft is fore-and-aft differ to what go up with the horizontal stroke oscillatory, same inside the frequency limits of 50~60Hz meeting produces frequency of inferior soft music sex. The Chan Ren of different to two kinds diameter plunges a knife, the has mode and oscillatory kind oneself detailed list that measures sees next tables. Experimental result makes clear, plunge a knife in the light of different Chan Ren, can make clear characterization to systematic trends performance. What obtain through measuring place is oscillatory to bending know with what turn round vibration, can grind in the future give out a kind comfortable the regulating system that distributes form, with undertaking modulatory to dangerous exercise vibration. Want what what special attention identifies to turn round vibration to this appear, because this kind of phenomenon is met,this is those who create cutting tool service life is great shorten and the malfunction with likely cutting tool. The mode parameter of knife of Chan Ren getting can pass appearance of laser scanning vibration to get be mixinged quickly be metricaled reliably. Study the result makes clear, can accomplish to bending to distinguish with what turn round vibration from vibration. To this, need is in drilling tool apparently the measurement point matrix that chooses to give a look. What appear inside limits is lead to have frequency oneself in soft Qu Xingpin, almost identical on two oscillatory direction. Besides can measure reliably besides the ability of mode parameter, what appearance of laser scanning vibration still can implement pair of oscillatory forms is visible. Adopt this kind of measure, the card dead course that Chan Ren gets a knife to go up in hole wall can get clarifying. In addition, still can design comfortable the regulating system that distributes a gender, this kind of system can identify the exercise vibration that gives risk to be able to undertake rightly modulatory. To this, need control receives the recognition of the exercise vibration that the process appears to getting. The target that next level studies is knives of pair of Chan Ren getting oneself oscillatory mode undertakes discriminating, the load that appears in order to understand cutting tool in be gotten into the process and metabolic circumstance. CNC Milling