Material of DP3000 tall tenacity answers the challenge that Kong Jia is versed in character

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DP3000 is to apply to hill tall Perfomax® but the material of wear-resisting of armour of new-style Duratomic® King Kong of broach of dislocation razor blade is qualitative grade, tenacity is good and suitable scope is wide. It suits to process all sorts of data, in the challenge sexual application domain and nobody are changed is the beautiful on expression more in production. DP3000 is to apply to hill tall Perfomax series but the new-style material qualitative grade of broach of dislocation razor blade. It is the complement that has DP2000 material qualitative order and degree, also used the technology of film of armour of high-powered Duratomic® King Kong with high hill. These two kinds of material pledge grade enclothed all workpiece material auger cut application, include to have the application that challenges a gender among them, for example inclined to get the bore with interrupted cutting. In addition, qualitative grade of material of Perfomax razor blade still includes deposit of gas phase of two kinds of physics (qualitative grade of PVD) film ability: T250D (suit to machine stainless steel and high temperature alloy) with T400D (in processing all sorts of data, the qualitative grade of first selection material that it is central razor blade) . "In processing a trade to general aircraft all getting cut application, we recommend DP3000, " the hill tall project of responsible development DP3000 is in charge of Simon Hellborg say. "It is a kind general-purpose bit material qualitative grade, have more outstanding tenacity and wearability, cutting rate is accordingly rapidder, productivity is taller. To the user character, the bit material qualitative grade with right choice never so easy. " can discover through understanding DP3000 deep, its outstanding tenacity is attributed to should be used by the matrix of film special gradient design. "Compare with the others photograph of matrix, we increased the amount containing cobalt of matrix surface part, " Hellborg say. "This enhanced tenacity already, also reduced the risk with this area occurrence patulous crackle at the same time. " area of high cobaltic content is as deep as 20-25 micron, among them double the surface contains cobaltic amount is normal value. Above all in the plating on matrix nitrogen of a carbon changes titanium (TiCN) , next again plating an alumina (Al2O3) . Through deposit of chemical gas phase (CVD) technology makes both and collective form Duratomic® film, among them TiCN gifts bit with tenacity, and Al2O3 offerred heat-resisting wearability for bit. Be the union of gradient matrix and film, just let DP3000 and other Duratomic® material qualitative social estate have the character of extraordinary. Material pledges the design of grade is a challenge from beginning to end, because need,balance different material attribute well and truly. For instance, film is deeper, criterion wearability is better, but brittleness is bigger. Film ply has distinctive heat-resisting and wearability for the DP2000 of 13 micron, in what need taller cutting rate cast-iron qualitative grade of first selection material is remained in applying with rolled steel. The film ply of DP3000 is 7.

5 micron. "The tenacity material qualitative grade that we hope DP3000 becomes a kind to be able to answer slashing applying, accordingly we designed thinner film for it, " Hellborg say. With series of Yu Shan tall Perfomax but the square that the razor blade of broach of dislocation razor blade uses high strength is tectonic, have 4 cutting blade, use simple bolt installation, . Get body to have excellent stability, used special film technology to reduce attrition. Cold passageway reachs the chamfer that discharge bits to optimize a design inside have the aid of, it can achieve trustworthy platoon bit. This makes Perfomax has extremely high feed rate and cutting rate, get 5 times what cut deepness to achieve bore diameter, make the cutting tool with an extremely tall efficiency consequently. DP3000 has all sorts of measurement standards, razor blade of SCGX of the predestined relationship outside can be, WCMX razor blade and central SPGX razor blade offer the chamfer breaking bits of all types. But, to central razor blade, recommend choose T400D material qualitative grade; And DP3000 is met below certain circumstance is better choice. "Central razor blade needs qualitative order and degree of tall tenacity material, and outside predestined relationship razor blade pays attention to tall wearability, " Hellborg say. "If you hope through optimizing broach configuration achieves tall cutting rate, can choose DP3000 for central razor blade. " altogether, DP3000 lets Perfomax series broach have bigger flexibility and longer cutting tool life, promote productivity and application security considerably. "To using the industry that has material qualitative order and degree at present, we believe they are met after choosing DP3000 benefit bandit is shallow. " Hellborg say. Nextpage data expresses – Perfomax®DP3000 type: Qualitative grade of material of razor blade of armour of Duratomic® King Kong, apply to hill tall Perfomax series but broach of dislocation razor blade. Application: The challenge can be reached in all sorts of material undertake tall productivity is gotten in sexual application cut. Bit: Take the square bit of 4 cutting blade. Geometrical appearance: Offer all sorts of norms and all chamfer breaking bits that offer SCGX, SPGX and WCMX bit. The qualitative grade of material of other razor blade that applies to Perfomax broach: DP2000, T250D and T400D. Graph 1 application case 1 (current project client) graph 2 application case 2 (automobile industry client) CNC Milling