The multimedia education of fluid drive course studies

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Summary: The article discussed the multimedia technology application in education of fluid drive course. The functional module that discussed education of multimedia of fluid drive course and soft hardware devise plan. Keyword: The Analysis And Experimental Study Of The Lowest Stable Speed In Hydraulicmotor(I)Peng Xiwei Et AlAbstract:T of education of fluid drive multimediaHis Paper First Discusses The Application Of Multimedium Know-how To The Teaching Of The Course In Hydraulic Power Transmission, and Then Introduces The Function Modules And Design Methods Of Software And Hardware.

Keywords:H  of Teaching of   of Multimedium of   of Ydraulic Power Transmission fluid drive is the means of a kind of drive that uses liquid pressure to be able to pass force and motion, put forward from Pascal of 17 centuries middle period static pressure deliver a principle, england of 18 centuries end makes a computation of the first water press rise, fluid drive already had development history of nearly 300 years. Because it provides organic instrument drive and electric power to procrastinate,use an a lot of character that cannot replace, at present fluid drive technology applies extensively at each fields that industry produces. According to data statistic, in the developed country, center of the project machine of 90% above, CNC Machining and transfer matic used hydraulic transmission. Produce actual and urgent need to master the talent of fluid drive technology in great quantities, consequently college enginery major all regards class of a professional foundation as fluid drive and open. However, in old education practice, we discover the student exists to the study of fluid drive course a lot of difficulty, be like basic idea structure of not clear, component abstraction of process of complex, job. Measure of conventional education device, education and method are facing huge challenge. How to fall in new condition, use new measure to improve study interest of the student and study result? Course of teaching and research group considers to decide, use computer multimedia teacher and student in fluid drive education, multimedia education is begun in fluid drive. Media is memory and the carrier that pass information. Multimedia technology involves frequency, video, compress wait for new and high technology, its application computer is character, sound, image, video and processing be in harmony an organic whole. The occurrence of multimedia technology and development assist education to manufacture computer of new generation multimedia (assure what CAI) system put forward a technology to go up reliably. In multimedia CAI system, combine look of media of sound, image, video, produce lively result, raise student learning interest and enhance memorial ability; In the meantime, make full use of the expressional strength of multimedia, share the characteristic with heavy eyesight and gender, controlled strong sex, achieve impart ability of intelligence of knowledge, development, education and implementation teach students in accordance of their aptitude and the end that change education individually. Multimedia is in the main advantage on education is: (The conveys form and mankind memory structure of 1) information is similar, decreased to machine information memory mediumly transition in brains; (2) multimedia presents the knowledge of the abstract static state on book with varied form before the student, reduced cognitive burden greatly, facilitating student absorb and receive; (3) multimedia education offerred an opportunity that fosters creativity for the student. The multimedia education of fluid drive is in using multimedia technology at fluid drive education, with multimedia method, change traditional teaching method and pattern, will academic, abstract, the knowledge that content changeover of the static state is dramatic image, deepen a student to understand and master to knowledge. The component of fluid drive education of the functional module tradition of education of multimedia of 1 fluid drive is 3 much: (1) ABC, include the hydromechanical ABC that uses in process of fluid drive education; (2) component part, it differentiates each component that comprise fluid drive by the function classification introduces the knowledge such as characteristic of principle of its function, job, structure; (3) basic loop and typical system. According to the education structure of textbook, we differentiate the multimedia education of fluid drive as follows by functional module: Module of ① academic education. This module keeps the content of teaching material knowledge in exceeding text file. Graph of principle of graph of 1/4 analyse cent, system reachs outline drawing of the principle diagram that main content incorporates principle of structure of component of fundamental theory knowledge, specification, component, component literal specification. Decorate in layout, give out with cascade menu by each paragraphic order on teaching material, it is structure of shape of a kind of tree, the user chooses some study content according to needing to choose directly or turn over a page. This module still has powerful retrieval function, namely the user can carry thematic term (special font) cut concerned content directly, search relevant data quickly. ② movement demonstrates module. This module distributes a share, the first part demonstrates the movement of all component to pursue, if the electro-magnet of reversal valve gets electric hind, of the shift of core of a powerful person and oil path connect flow direction of the fluid that reach oil; Two antrum enter oil cylinder the athletic way that winds the oil cylinder after oil path is affirmatory, while the movement undertakes, deserve to go up corresponding commentary, the concerned content such as the name that shows cell, function, characteristic, application; The 2nd part is plan of basic loop action, demonstrate the working process of all and basic loop, function and application; The 3rd part broadcasts kinescope with the computer, the real work process that reflects system of industrial spot hydraulic pressure reachs the applied domain of of all kinds system. Wait for all sorts of technologies and expressional gimmick through animation, acoustics and video, the applied circumstance of characteristic of the working principle that the student experiences of all kinds component can intuitionisticly, structure, basic loop and hydraulic pressure system are being produced use mediumly actually wait for content. ③ inscribes a library. This module examines many in order to the exercise that the student understands degree to textbook knowledge organic ground is put together, the student can adopt the form of man-machine interaction, undertake ego checks. Inscribing a library can be classified exercise, also can be integrated training, from each angle or measure a student to understand and master degree of content to fluid drive education in the round. After test or exercise, software will undertake grading, file and statistical analysis wait to the student's answering question, because this teacher can learn the student's study,the circumstance is mixed master degree to wait. The hardware of education of multimedia of 2 fluid drive designs the hardware configuration of education of fluid drive multimedia, use the method with compositive computer, if the graph is shown 1 times, it includes the network of data news report of server and terminal and meantime, there is language explanation facility in education terminal. Compare with general computer, its graphic representation and speech function and peripheral device are ambitious, seeing and hearing is united in wedlock, visual image, lively. This system applies to network system, contented more student goes up together the requirement of aircraft study. The multimedia of fluid drive also can use as odd user education. Graph the software of education of multimedia of 3 fluid drive designs construction of system of education of multimedia of time-sharing of 1 much user the software design of education of fluid drive multimedia, want to realize the demand that afore-mentioned functional module place have, offer for the user concise and practical, handle convenient software. Current, design multimedia software can have method of two kinds of selections, one kind makes platform for multimedia, also say to produce a system, another kind is programming language. The multimedia software platform that make is a kind of special application software, it is compositive application software is made, the function such as multimedia news editor and multimedia equipment interface, database interface, can make multimedia application software conveniently, the process designing job in making develop a process simplifies. For example the Multimedia Extension 1 of Microsoft company.

0, the Quick Time of Apple company. Use programming software of language development multimedia, it is to show programmer uses programming language to wait for the application software that will be developed technically like C++ , VISUAL BASIC. These programming language are flexible, having function of kit and kind of substantial library, library to wait, can develop the multimedia software with wide range. Of course, use programming language to undertake multimedia software is made, want to write a lot of travel code, to technical personnel, the obstacle is very apparent. Only those talented people that have technology and experience can develop its good performance. In two kinds of methods of software of the multimedia that make, the main characteristic of the multimedia platform that make depended on it shortening the development time of the user, and safeguard, revise convenient, software construction is reasonable, function is reliable. Additional, platform can offer example application program commonly, these example pack an application to going all out quickly program, get feedback information hand-in-hand travel alters appropriately very useful. Graph the 2 overall knot composition of a picture that are the platform of software of education of fluid drive multimedia that make. Graph the platform of software of multimedia of 2 fluid drive that make is overall knot composition of a picture 4 conclusion fluid drive is use quite extensive practical technology, tuitional content includes many academic knowledge and rich view, use teacher and student of multimedia of fluid drive computer, use its language, picture, a variety of expression means such as sound, structure of knowledge of theory of immobile of as dry as a chip and drab, static state and component, show a student in order to abound the form with interesting, dramatic image before, enhance study enthusiasm of the student, improve study result of the student. Rise increasingly as what computer price performance compares, believe this one task is sure to get the welcome of teacher of large-scale fluid drive and student, also be worth other course to draw lessons from. CNC Milling