Cutting tool of CVD diamond nap

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Nap cutting tool can grind blunt pottery and porcelain or abrade grain from purify of surface of grinding emery wheel commonly, reduce grinding temperature and improvement hard thereby workpiece surface surface roughness, raise grinding emery wheel to machine the ability that gives work of little common difference. Nap cutting tool still uses emery wheel of Yu Jingxiu grinding. Before, most nap and essence build an operation is to use fixed nap cutting tool to send rotate in emery wheel, cutting tool of this kind of nap often uses single crystal diamond or PCD is made. Current, operations of a lot of tall productivity grinding use rotating CNC nap implement or sharp nap roller. When emery wheel when processing work at the same time, its across at the same time by successive nap. CNC rotates nap implement can hold more than 100 identical diamond, these small diamond piece installation is in nap implement on overall diameter, unique figure can produce on grinding emery wheel. When using laser cutting, the user that independent CVD diamond can give nap cutting tool and generator offer a lot of distinct advantage. The structure of CVD diamond can be designed make have taller rupture tenacity and intensity, achieve the goal that optimizes life of nap cutting tool and dimension stability thereby. Because CVD diamond is cut,become even scrap, it utmost ground decreases or can eliminate the difficult problem that concerns with single crystal diamond, if inherent appearance restrains natural diamond,wait with variability. Finally, CVD diamond material can make high aspect ratio (for example: 81mm) of × of Mm × 1mm, CVD diamond installation has cost effectiveness on nap cutting tool, can prolong life, improve nap efficiency. The production advanced technique of the natural character of diamond of deposit of gas phase of conclusion     and cutting tool of independent CVD diamond, for a lot of difficult treatment material offerred an admirable settlement method. The success on cutting tool is built in essence of life as CVD diamond, CVD diamond machines a domain to be mixed to apply by quickly promotion in industrial data. CNC Milling