The rehabilitate after gear oil pump wears away wants a place

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1, the rehabilitate after drive shaft of lubricating oil pump of type of diesel engine gear and lining wear away because the radial thrust of the generation when weight of itself of driving gear of lubricating oil pump and passive gear clench the teeth, make axis and lining aperture generation slant easily grind, clearance increases. Because this is in the job,produce leak, fuel delivery decreases. After drive shaft and lining wear away, can restore cooperate clearance with long journal or long lining method. Wear away in journal slight when, need extrude old lining to change new lining only, and the axis can be not repaired commonly, cooperate clearance so recoverable arrive inside permission range. Wear away in axis and lining very serious, cooperate clearance to increase very big when, should change not only lining, and the axis also applies plating chromium or oscillatory v increases the diameter, next again grinding allows measure to mark, in order to restore journal and lining cooperate a requirement. 2, after the lumen of repair pump case after pump case lumen and teeth of a cogwheel wear away and teeth of a cogwheel wear away, impact of oily to pump volume is very big. Wear away when axis and lining or axial aperture serious when, top of the tine in the job and surface of pump case lumen can generate not due contact. Because give oil pocket to compare,take oil pocket pressure again tall, in its pressure differs action to fall, of tine top and pump case enter oil pocket around contact is more, accordingly herein of pump case lumen wears away more, make lumen and tine top clearance increase. Cause lubricating oil pump to enter consequently, give the pressure difference between oil pocket to decrease, make teeth of a cogwheel is blown oil is reduced with the action that press oil, cause the pressure that offer oil to drop, pump oil capacity decreases. Of pump case lumen wear away to adopt lumen to set a law to try commonly repair. Next, because teeth of a cogwheel is in of direction of transverse tooth thickness wear away, make advocate, the clearance of clench the teeth of passive gear increases. Its wear away the characteristic is odd side wears away heavier, because this can retroflexion gear,180 degrees are used. 3, the gap with have certain leaves between the plane inside the repair gear end panel after gear end panel and pump lid wear away and pump lid, call end panel clearance. The planar interface inside end panel of the gear in the job and pump lid arises wear away can make clearance of this end panel increases, when exceeding the limit, oily to pump quantity will have apparent effect. When gear end panel wears away, can trouble end panel smooth, at the same time housing of again abrade lubricating oil pump discloses an extent, in order to make sure the end panel clearance of pump is inside the limits of the requirement. CNC Milling