The nine problem that current economy runs line of business of machine tool tool

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Industry of machine tool tool was produced 2002, sell two flourishing. According to data of national statistic bureau, 8 manufacturing industry complete trade of tool of 1~11 month machine tool gross value of industrial output 684.

800 million yuan, grow 16 compared to the same period.

6% ; Product sales revenue 63.7 billion yuan, grow 17 compared to the same period.

2% , predicting annual is produced, sell amount to be able to amount to 75 billion yuan to be controlled with 70 billion yuan respectively. Export increases smoothly, according to customs data, product of tool of 1~11 month machine tool is exported 8.

5.2 billion dollar, grow 11 compared to the same period.

25% , metallic treatment machine tool is exported 2.

8.1 billion dollar, grow 4 compared to the same period.

87% , predicting annual entire industry exports nearly 1 billion dollar, the metal machines machine tool exit to will break through 300 million dollar; The import rises quickly, product of tool of 1~11 month machine tool is imported 39.

3.8 billion dollar, grow 30 compared to the same period.

55% , metallic treatment machine tool is imported 27.

9.6 billion dollar, grow 29 compared to the same period.

9% , predicting annual imports 4.3 billion dollar, among them metallic treatment machine tool imports 3 billion dollar. Trade economic benefits rises further, 8 manufacturing industry complete trade of tool of 1~11 month machine tool profit 20.

7.9 billion yuan, than last year the corresponding period increases 2.

9.1 billion yuan, among them, cut machine tool manufacturing industry, abrasive to grind a manufacturing industry profit except gold than last year the corresponding period drops outside, the others increases substantially, total of predicting annual profit will achieve 2.2 billion yuan. Economy ran a condition 2002 is in last few years a best year, economy moves in the outstanding issue of main characteristic and existence is: One, consumption continues to increase, market size enlarges   ceaselessly size of market of tool of our country machine tool was in 2002 go up continue to expand on the foundation of year of growth, consumption continues to increase, among them consumption of metallic treatment machine tool predicts to be expected to exceed 5.5 billion dollar, will become the 2nd metal of world to machine a machine tool to consume big country (Germany was consumed 2001 55.

8.4 billion dollar, the United States is consumed 53.

) of 6.7 billion dollar, after this trend is mixed this year will continue a few years to maintain. Its are main the reason is: 1.

Our country will continue to carry out expand inside needed policy, increase fixed assets to invest strength, extend the long-term national debt that certain specified amount spends (estimation made an appointment with 100 billion yuan of ~1500 2003 100 million yuan between) . Fixed assets of kind of state-owned etc economy invested 1~11 month 2002 appear fast growth, grow 23 compared to the same period.

4% , than going up year accelerate 7.

A percent. Fixed assets of month of 1~9 of spin, mechanical, metallurgy invests high speed growth, grow 23 compared to the same period respectively.

2% , 41% , 53.

4% . 2.

The rapid growth that fixed assets of kind of state-owned etc economy invests helps the rapid growth that used civilian investment. Investment of collective of before last year 3 quarters grows 15.

7% , than going up year of the corresponding period accelerate 5.

4 percent; Individual investment grows 20.

8% , on prep above year the corresponding period 12.

9 percent. Come of collective, individual investment 725.4 billion yuan, for 36 of investment of fixed assets of kind of state-owned etc economy.

66% , hold investment of whole society fixed assets 28.

08% . Civilian investment is ceaseless and brisk will become will invest the most outstanding window inside the domain henceforth. 3.

Of international capital enter the growth that also will help product of motive bed tool consume in great quantities. Drive in what add WTO advantageous element below, below the influence that increases quickly continuously in national economy, our country becomes the heat that the foreign trader invests to choose the ground, specified number of the capital outside gaining a contract newly and reach the designated position actually foreign capital all presents faster growth, new climax of investment of round of foreign trader is being formed stage by stage. Specified number of the capital outside predicting annual was used actually 2002 will exceed 50 billion dollar. From above data can see secondhand, the foreign trader invests an enterprise to becoming the main force that helps spending of product of motive bed tool. 2, industry of automobile industry, new and high technology, traditional industry will pull industry of motive bed tool to grow   strong 1.

Automobile industry will become the main user of industry of machine tool tool. The United States, Japan, Germany is like in the developed country, car, aviation is the mainest user of industry of machine tool tool all the time. Car line of business takes machine tool quantity of total demand about to the demand of the machine tool 50% the left and right sides. Industry of machine tool tool grows as car line of business and rise, flat and drop. Since 2002, the industry of our country automobile that is a delegate with the car enters rapid development period. Predict car production will achieve 3.2 million above 2002, car production will break through 1.1 million, achieve 15 programs goal 3 years ahead of schedule. According to 3 old automobile factories and statistic of nine backbone factory, invested technical reformation capital in all 2002 26.1 billion yuan, its China produces equipment to occupy 20% , amount is 2 billion yuan; Capital of technical reformation of car component enterprise throws nearly 7.3 billion yuan, among them 4.2 billion yuan are concerned with industry of machine tool tool. (according to Jinan company of group of 2 machine tools is mirrorred, the majority in v equipment ordered goods 2002 come from industry of various places automobile) at present, industry of our country automobile appears the situation that let a hundred flowers blossom, the pillar industry that each province city regards the economy that visit town as to develop car line of business tries to develop, state-owned company, joint ventures, private enterprise joins this industry, participate in competition. To comprehensive well-off as our country social target strides, the demand of the car will be bigger and bigger, also heal to the influence of the development of industry of machine tool tool consequently big, be sure to make trade of machine tool tool the first principal user. 2.

The rapid development of industry of new and high technology increases ceaselessly to the demand of product of tool of high-grade machine tool, the development of market of product of tool of stimulative machine tool. 16 big reports are emphasizing wanting to expand work energetically concentrated model industry while, put forward to take aim of new-style industrialized viatic, drive industrialized development strategy with informatization. 2003, the Information Industry will make the forerunner industry with the rapiddest rate of the growth in progress of our country economy, the Xin Liang that waits for the industry of new and high technology that is a delegate to will become our country economy to develop truly with new material, new energy resources, automation is nodded. Industry of new and high technology regards national economy pillar as industrial development, will need the high-grade machine tool of a large number of high spirit, compound, intelligence, much axle control, automation, the further progress that drives market of product of machine tool tool, this should cause us to notice. The development capacity of machine tool of homebred and high-grade numerical control and equipment of whole set thread and productivity, cannot get used to the urgent need of the market, it is to treat settlement problem urgently. Machine tool of our country high-grade numerical control go up in breed and market need cannot suit on the amount. Milling machine of boring of door of accurate and machine tool of treatment of center of turning of machining center of linkage of the accurate machining center that the industry such as car, aerospace, shipping, enginery, nucleus industry is badly in need of, much axis, double main shaft and Che Xi center, accurate grinder and compound grinder, accurate report, large dragon and nicety, at present domestic company still cannot be offerred or be in taste development phase and small lot stage of production newly, cannot satisfy need, cause the rapid growth that the machine tool imported 2002, predicting entrance will break through 3 billion dollar, surpass historical record 25 1993.

400 million dollar, big country of the 2nd entrance after becoming afterwards United States (American machine tool was imported 2001 38.

100 million dollar) . On the other hand, also cause market of homebred machine tool to have rate is farther drop. Technology of machine tool of eye preexistence bound is developing quickly to high speed, efficient, nicety, compound, intelligence, environmental protection. Machine tool industry should strengthen international to cooperate, introduce a talent, introduce technology and product, collaboration joint-stock, quicken the development capacity of machine tool of high-grade numerical control and productivity, satisfy need, raise market of homebred machine tool to have rate. Step of group of Dalian machine tool is very big, ask Introduction Chen Zong. 3.

After entering a life, accelerated process of economic integration of our country whole world, the position that our country regards the world as to make a center is more clear, competition of domestic and international market is further also aggravate. Traditional industry is like the respect such as mechanical, spin, metallurgy to compete to raise international actual strength, clutching the technical reformation that has a company, strengthen international to cooperate, use advanced technology and equipment, quicken the adjustment of product structure. These, force an enterprise to strengthen development ability and raise production technology level, increase technical reformation investment, will participate in competition with brand, quality, price, contend for the market. New the upsurge of round of technical reformation is being formed. Additional, develop greatly western, enrage on the west east send, on the west report east be defeated, electrified wire netting of construction of foundation of the sources of energy of the be well versed in of thing ministry highway, traffic, country is transformed and retreat return n cultivated land forest wait for zoology of aricultural irrigation works project of war industry of construction, national defence, will offer indirect development opportunity for industry of machine tool tool. 3, date of delivery is shorter and shorter to the industry in association 30 many main businesses sample in investigation, great majority enterprise procrastinates again as a result of the task period delivery, procrastinate period the 20% above that the amount occupies a contract on average to count, investigating to two users model in, involve a trade unexpectedly product of 10 many main businesses procrastinates period, user report is strong, especially opinion of war industry unit is bigger. Date of delivery of machine tool of ordinary numerical control is 3 months on international, machine tool of high-grade numerical control is 5-6 month, large and heavy-duty machine tool is 10-12 month. International sets in clause of invite public bidding, date of delivery lengthens 1 week to increase bid valence 0.

5% , more than 2 months abandon bid. Date of delivery will be become more and more the main factor that affects business market competition. The international market procrastinates period delivery affects reputation not only, and have economic price; Home market these two problems as much more and more outstanding. Many fact puts forward to us, to procrastinating period delivery problem cannot be ignored. Do not procrastinate period, want to have measure, not be sheet relies on to work overtime will finish. Want to undertake ability business accounting above all, have scientific production cycle, have strict client contract government. How to shorten periodic, we suggest: Use existing productivity A, effectively, strengthen an enterprise to plan integratedly; B, increase external synergic scale, those who enlarge an enterprise is exterior purchase, especially of package purchase; C, strengthen modular apply with what become group of engineering technology, enlarge applied scale, raise level of standardization, seriation, generalization; Organization of D, production uses collateral project, utmost shortens the time that produces a course (coincide) ; E, information is expedite, content shedding and iformation flow are can true, synchronous, control corresponding flow direction, reduce the error that produces a system. Shenyang group, hand in machine of big elder brother to produce direct, aggrandizement to unite harmonious respect to have very good experience in concentration, ask them to introduce. 4, personalized service, whole set service and core technology requirement as buyer's market form, the hasten of efficiency of the development of new and high technology, company is moved, make equipment has distinguishing feature more, the personalized demand of the user is strong with each passing day. We should research user technology deep, the technical program that knows domestic and international maturity offers user alternative, use new technology ceaselessly, specific aim ground develops stand-alone whole set and product line whole set, make its function advanced, the function is perfect, economy is applicable. Individuation serves, ask equipment has very tall efficiency, it is certain to have flexible, low cost of production, we must take seriously and master an user to ask to the technology of equipment, current, high speed, compound, intelligence, environmental protection the core technology that 4 respects are contented user equipment. 5, state-owned company is faced with diversity of competitive main body home is joint-stock, civilian battalion, solely invested the competition of the enterprise, also be faced with abroad at the same time big and the competition of the big company that has actual strength. After entering a life, in foreign capital enter the policy that with home a variety of economy component develop jointly to guide below, industry of tool of domestic machine tool had changed original ownership structure. Current and state-owned reach state-owned 60% what accuse an enterprise to take entire industry company, profit is occupied only 40% ; Civilian battalion enterprise is occupied 20% , profit is occupied 20% ; Joint-stock occupy with solely invested enterprise 14% , profit is occupied 36% . Civilian battalion and 3 endowment company contention home market and client, have very strong competition dominant position, should cause our enough attention. State-owned company should quicken the pace that oneself reforms, raise core competition ability to regard current first class as the important matter. 6, imperative competition can raise alliance of strategy of industry business development working quality and efficiency, competitive hurried develops, impracticable job leaves in general requirement and can finish in intense competition. But also ought to be clear about, what thing has the requirement that he makes again good business is impossible also, need combines other enterprise to finish, use than oneself more the company of the advantage goes completing more competitive work. Because this development is strong powerful combination, advantage is complementary, it is the strategy of a development of the get victory in competing. Abroad also is such, machine of work of Japanese abundant field, day machine of smooth, dark essence to contend for an international market, rise jointly the advantage with respective play, hold water temporarily working organization, coordinate each square work, finish the whole set job of crankshaft product line jointly. This we are going up machine also hear such good news, machine and Shenyi establish the relationship that combines cooperation on, produce respective advantage, the turning of the crankshaft that finish machines the collaboration that machines with grinding, each other is a representative, contact, convenient user. More important is to use respective dominant position effectively, optimize technical program, raise the successful rate of whole set project, give an user a kind of contented sense, and shorten greatly date of delivery. The example of other respect also has, if Dalian machine tool and Germany are red,Si Baike collaboration, north is mixed Wadelixikebao cooperates, obtained very good result, ask everybody to introduce the experience of this respect. 7, industry product quality is urgent stay horizontal   the country selectived examination first quarter 2002 the quality of numerical control machine tool, 6 areas of countrywide 14 enterprises 14 products (among them economy numerical control 4) , eligible 9, selective examination percent of pass is 64.

3% . 2 quarters selective examination grinder, 9 areas of countrywide selectived examination 17 17 stage products, eligible 9, selective examination percent of pass is 52.

9% . 3 quarters selective examination sawing machine, 5 areas of countrywide 20 enterprises 20 products, eligible 10, selective examination percent of pass is 50% . Safe problem is the issue with the more outstanding reaction in selectiving examination. The safe hidden trouble of machine tool of economy numerical control is more, strength of be linked together of mandatory standard announce is insufficient, there are 7 enterprises to need to buy unexpectedly in 14 enterprises that selective examination first quarter make significant level version, to selective examination 50% of the enterprise, do not have the important file that coachs true security handles the user to wait in addition. Buyer's market is formed, new and high technology develops quickly, industry competition is intense, date of delivery is shorter and shorter, produce cost reduce a demand, quality environment is changing. As a result of manufacturing industry level rise, requirement equipment precision and function have to rise substantially on original standard, will satisfy the requirement of manufacturing industry, quality standard is in with when all is entered, the level rises accordingly, it is objective reality. What the market competes is thorough, the place of quality is more prominent, quality represents the form of the enterprise, it is the license that enters the market, it is the recommendation that leads to an user, it is company core competition ability. Quality environment, standard, position is changing. Quality work has the job of two old systems to want to had been done. It is from choose and buy of raw material of products plan, semifinished product, spare parts treatment, product is assembled reach detect call " production quality system " , it is the important segment that forms product quality, enterprise must strict and elaborate had done each work, product quality just has assure. Another is " product quality controls a system " , basically be enterprise interior is supervised, of orgnaization of national qualitative check supervise, the user is supervised, social public opinion is supervised. These 4 kinds are supervised only enterprise interior examines of the system supervising is active, can accuse oneself, also be the base that other controls 3 kinds assures, other is 3 kinds to cannot accuse is passivity. Hind 3 kinds are supervised can cause company success or failure, full-time orgnaization assault selectives examination to be announced as a result, can cause an user to return money, after to some kind of product when the user a certain enterprise forms fixed view, force this kind of product and enterprise to exit the market, should fashion some kind of product socially fluky, service is bad, more serious person after cheating the social public opinion such as the user, can make the enterprise closes down, industry atrophy. Because this strengthens the quality of enterprise oneself to supervise, be most the economy, most reliable, most of the foundation, also be the thing that oneself can accomplish, "Fashion a product flawless ability leaves factory " . Hind 3 kinds are supervised gave a problem to also want to be treated actively, adopt measure to try to solve. Tell positive one side, make full use of even these 3 kinds are supervised enlarge company quality conduct propaganda, if national do a crash job selectives examination classy taste conduct propaganda, the user uses good evaluation conduct propaganda, the brand conduct propaganda that approbates socially, the brand that the society approves is the highest state that company quality works, this is quality work. What at present we do to making systematic quality work is not quite strict, 4 kinds are supervised without significant play action. We should start the work of each link of system of two great quality in the round, make on industry quality new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. 8, the association of a few problems that domestic company is bidding exist in the job sends an expert attend more than 40 user such as enginery, aerospace, shipping, one steam, 2 steam one year in all review bid, evaluate the work, accumulative total reviews bid 80 more than person-time, evaluate 15 person-time, attend mark book to examine 20 more than person-time, purchase equipment in all more than 70. We understand bidding rate is very low, and win the bid below the circumstance with lower rate, our lose very big a market, basically have the problem of the following respect: It is a few enterprises the legal laws and regulations that participates in the staff member that bid to work to invite public bidding learns not quite, bid like action of People's Republic of China law, ministry of collaboration of economy of foreign trade of People's Republic of China the 7th order " invite public bidding of international of mechanical and electrical products bids executive method " etc, because not be familiar with the regulation of these legal laws and regulations, of the pre-construction that makes bid and tender document write non-standard, cause useless symptom, lose a chance; 2 be it is very important to communicate with the user before carry out, have the demand of standard user, tender document also presses the requirement preparation of the user, win the bid rate nature is tall, and our home company often the service before ignored makes work, some users are when survey of early days call at sb's house we are recieved not enthusiasticly, even user close the door on, some produces spot management disorder, make the user loses the confidence that buys domestic product; 3 it is with international the standard does not conform, technical index go up under international normally requirement, be washed out very easily; 4 it is the quality that attends the enterprise that bid to should raise the member that attend bidder, be like to commissioner and user query answer stream, ability increases win the bid possibility, education joins the rank that bid imperative; 5 it is date of delivery too long, with abroad congener product grows 2-3 generally month, some pulling period longer, win the bid very hard so; Still have the acting company with choice good aptitude in addition, and it is clear that the value of product of form a complete set of the equipment in tender document should fill in as far as possible. 9, the enterprise should have a good development strategy the 16 way that offer our country clearly to want new-style industrialized progress greatly. We establish group of a task, drew benefit 2 pieces of total viewpoints, put forward industry of machine tool tool to walk along new-style industrialization at 5 o'clock opinion. It is the industry of new and high technology that tool industry should build the machine tool to reach product of form a complete set to give priority to with numerical control machine tool; 2 it is to build get used to an international market the enterprise of intense competition organizes a structure; 3 it is to build perfect information system, advanced content to flow system and deserve efficiently to send a measure, critical process equipment has the technical level of high speed, compound, intelligence, environmental protection, realize information, content shedding, equipment 3 person the informatization of organic union; 4 it is to make full use of manpower resource, implementation is with the person this the mechanism is run; 5 it is to forming the implementation on the base that has actual strength of international core competition to be able to develop continuously, outstanding green is made and cleanness is produced. Go hard along this direction, the case that the enterprise wants to combine his formulates development strategy. Business development should have a good strategic principle coach. Countless facts explain the strategy has clinking power, our traverse aid the process of 2 development, can confirm this is nodded. The aid 10 years ago 2 put forward to develop boring machine of large mill of door of numerical control dragon to replace original dragon door planing machine this is great and decision-making. Adopt again after that introduce foreign technology, product, equip on one hand oneself raise treatment level, on the other hand development new product is pushed to the market, enlarge product breed ceaselessly, through effort of a few years, had lain now industry the lead position of this respect, become the manufacturing base that has the compressor that exports partly and machine tool of large numerical control. Not only such, still developed environmental protection equipment, construction machinery and cast the product such as machinery, also have very strong competition actual strength. Aid 2 sufficient specifications that had gone, business development should have correct decision-making, want to have the technical line that suits oneself to develop, foster a batch to have even very the worker team of high quality. CNC Milling