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The KUKA that KUKA Roboter GmbH offers.

PLC MxAutomation function wraps convenient user to use SIMATIC controller, the basic order in using KR C4 controller and athletic command control KUKA robot. This applied give typical examples introduced how to use SIMATIC S7-1516 to control a robot, introduced the use that contains functional piece summarily. Industrial robot is more and more welcome. Current, the application of this kind of robot in machine and factory is wider and wider. Its standardize mechanical system to pass full-scale development, control respect height in motion agile, because this made the good choice of costly special and mechanical equipment. Because this need not is opposite,machine and factory undertake large quantities of quantities are produced changing this costume or dress costlily can coming true. Nevertheless, factory control system and robot controller are two kinds of disparate systems. The communication between these two kinds of controller normally can with level undertakes, and permanent memory is in the athletic control program of the robot in robot controller, the factory controls a system to cannot be called from which. Accordingly, robot make to special workshop incident hard answer neatly. Additional, the factory controls the process designing of system and robot to differ completely, because these two systems are basic,cannot provide support by same individual. Accordingly, interface and harmonious question are inevitable. How does introduction of this applied give typical examples use SIMATIC S7-1500 controller to be held in the round accuse KUKA industry robot. For this, KUKA can be used in TIA Portal.

Library of PLC MxAutomation module, provided all and necessary function among them piece. SIMATIC S7-1500 controller and KUKA industry robot have communication through PROFINET join. SIMATIC controller and robot complete all commands and state information trade through this join. Graph 01SIMATIC controller uses KUKA.

Library of PLC MxAutomation module controls KUKA industry robot in the round. KUKA industry robot includes the mechanical system of controller of robot of KUKA KR C4 and robot, hypostatic robot. KUKA.

Installation of decoder of jussive of library of PLC MxAutomation module is on robot controller. This decoder receives the order that comes from SIMATIC controller, carry out on the mechanical system of the robot, include athletic changeover. Graph 02 CNC Milling